Mildly Amusing, Use Your Words

Who’s On First?

Early this morning, this exchange:

“Dat!” pointing to a picture of Antique Daddy holding him.
“Sean, who is in that picture?”
“Yes, and who else is in the picture?”
“No, not me Sean, that’s you in the picture.” Looks at me puzzled and nods in agreement, like yes, that’s what I just said.
“That’s not me, that’s you. Say me.”
“Yes, I’m mommy, but that’s not me in the picture. It’s you.”
Points to himself, “Yee-ew.”
“No, you’re me and I’m you – no wait, now I’m confused. Okay, let’s start over. Can we both agree that daddy is in the picture?”
Nods head. “Dah-dee!”
“Good enough. Let’s go get another cup of coffee and this time none of that sissy de-caf.”

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