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Those Magic Words

Courtesy is an important life skill. I don’t think you can begin teaching this too early. Sean and I are learning sign language together and the first signs we learned were “please” and “thank you”. I also think one of the best ways to teach your child is by example, so whenever we are at the grocery store or bank or a restaurant, I always make sure to say “please” and “thank you” to the clerks and waiters so that Sean might see that it is proper to treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Just the other day Sean asked for something and he not only used the sign for “please” but also said “peas” (close enough). I was very happy that my work was paying off. Later that evening after Sean had gone to bed, I reported this progress to Antique Daddy.

Antique Mommy: Well, my diligence is paying off. Today, without any prodding from me, Sean used the magic words.
Antique Daddy: Abracadabra?
Antique Mommy: [blink]

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