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Sean will be two years old next month and he has accomplished many things in that short time. But growing a full head of hair is not one of them.

Sean is descended from a long line of hair challenged men. His father’s face is so remarkably handsome, hair would only be a distraction. Both of Sean’s grandfathers, and even those before them, sported beautifully bald pates, as do all the uncles on both sides. Sean does not stand a chance of being a rock star as it is likely that he will be able to dry his hair with a Kleenex by the time he is in his 20s.

Which brings me to this point: Sean has not yet had a haircut. Although he doesn’t have that much hair, he has these adorable longish golden curls down the nape of his neck. And here’s the problem: One of Sean’s parents can’t bear the thought of cutting his hair. The other parent claims that because his hair is so long, that he has been referred to, by strangers, as “she” seven or eight times (which means two because you know how one of the species of parents is given to mathematical exaggeration). The one parent reasons that he is a baby with beautiful golden curls. The other parent, the one with no hair, says but people have called him “she” seven or eight times.

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    M&Co. said…
    FWIW, and I feel your pain cause it saddened me to cut the BoyChild’s hair for the first time, the BoyChild was playing with his legos and looked up and said, “she’s playing with the punkins.”

    10/27/2005 8:34 PM

    McSwain said…
    Somebody looks very much like his mommy!

    11/04/2005 11:01 AM

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