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Just Two Wonderful!

Dear Sean –

You are two years old today — two years! You are no longer a baby, but a little boy. While Daddy and I celebrate the amazing creature that you have become and the hope of what the future holds for you, we selfishly grieve the irretrievable days that have already slipped away. Not a day passes that I don’t want to go back and do it all over again, even the day Mommy set you and the lamp you busted out on the curb in a big box addressed to Grandma. I never liked that lamp anyway. Sometimes when we are all three on the sofa and all smooshed together in Daddy’s arms he will say “Let’s just stay here forever, just like this.” If only we could.

You have accomplished so much in the past 24 months. You have learned to walk and then run and even how to stand like a flamingo. You have learned how to say hundreds of words, but not one more sweet than “mama.” You can feed yourself now and sometimes you even get more food in your mouth than on me. You are
an inquisitive little boy who already knows about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, airplanes, trains and tractors. You know the names of all the animals including the emu and yak, which someday will look great on your resume. You have mended age-old hurts and proven that miracles do indeed happen. Until you came along, we didn’t really know joy. We just thought we did.

Two years ago you came into this world on a gray and rainy Saturday, but no one seemed to notice that it wasn’t the most beautiful day ever. We weren’t expecting you for another six weeks, which would have been Christmas Day exactly. Mommy and Daddy had just gone in for a check up and the doctor said something wasn’t just right and that it would be better if you were born that very day so that the doctors and nurses in the NICU could take care of you.
When word got out that you would be here by the afternoon, the hospital waiting room filled up with about fifty people who were anxious to see you, people who had prayed faithfully for you for many months. And the amazing thing is that many of those people didn’t really like each other very much, but they came together anyway to celebrate your arrival.


After you were born, Daddy went into the waiting room with his camera to show pictures of your brand new face. Everyone set their differences aside and stood in a circle and held hands and thanked God for your safe delivery. You have been a peacemaker and a joy bringer from the beginning. My prayer for you Sean is that it may be so for the rest of your life.Although I can’t remember a world before you, there are still times when I just can’t believe you are really here and I can’t take my eyes off of you. And sometimes I wish out loud, “Oh that every boy in the world might be as loved as much this one.” Wouldn’t that make the world a nicer place?

God bless you Sean on this journey that is your life and God bless me that I might get to tag along.





2 thoughts on “Just Two Wonderful!

  1. if this posts twice….sorry.
    Tears are streaming down my face as I read some of your posts. Some are sad tears, but many are happy tears as I read these ‘new mommy’ memories. You are really a neat lady and I can tell that you are a wonderful mom to Sean. I pray you get better quickly and that you can return to your blog soon. Keep trusting in God.

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