Dear Santa…

I have been a very good boy this year. I try to be helpful to Mom around the house, and heaven knows at her age, she needs help.

I try to help Mom keep things orderly around here since that seems to be so important to her. She likes it when it when I rearrange her pantry, so I try to do that several times a day. Anyone who alphabetizes spices and aligns the cans so that the labels are facing exactly forward within a fraction of an inch needs to live a little, don’t you think? I try to help with that. Once when I took everything off the two lower shelves and built a tower of cans to stand on to reach the third shelf an entire box of Rice Krispies somehow ended up on the floor. She was so happy she screamed using all four of my names.

I also help Mom with the yard work. I felt the pansies she had just planted looked better in my red wagon than in the dirt so I that’s where I put them. I have an eye for these things. Mom was a little hot over my garden redesign so I cooled her off by putting the hose down the back of her pants when she bent over to replant the pansies. Again, she was so happy she shouted all of my names and a few new ones.

At the end of every day I always help Mom put away her toys. She has lots of Lego’s and Matchbox cars, so no need to bring her anything. But for me, I would like a new pair of yellow rubber gloves, size extra small, and a ladder. The upper shelves in the pantry, where lately everything seems to be located, need rearranging and if I could just reach them I would be happy to do it because I am a very helpful boy. Also, a baby brother or sister would be nice too if you have any extras laying around.

Your helpful friend,

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