Snips And Snails

Our Best Hope for Survivor

I’ve been a fan of the show Survivor since the beginning. Every season Antique Daddy and I watch each episode and play armchair quarterback criticizing the players strategies citing everything we would do differently and how we would win the million dollars.

The truth be told, we would be the first two voted off. He would be voted off the first week after creating ingenious systems and schedules and insisting that everyone adhere to them. Some people, and I won’t say who exactly, find this annoying. They don’t like to be told what to do even if it is better. Thankfully there are people who will pay him money for that kind of thing. I would get kicked off the second week for decorating the camp and picking up after everyone – which also can be annoying to some people.

So I’ve decided that Sean is the least annoying member of our tribe and the most likely Survivor candidate in our family who could win the million dollars. And his tax bracket is way better too.

Top 10 Reasons Why Sean Could Win Survivor

1 – He’s not that fond of food. Not eating for 39 days is not even a challenge.
2 – Not bathing for 39 days is even better.
3 – Eating bugs? Been there done that.
4 – Not ashamed to be naked in front of strangers.
5 – Likes to pee outside.
6 – Can lie with a straight face.
7 – Never gets tired.
8 – Knows how to work a crowd.
9 – Everyone likes him.
10 – Can outwit, outlast and outsmart two adults without breaking a sweat.

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