Always Real, Thank You Notes

Happy New Year!

I don’t have a list of New Year’s resolutions or goals for the coming year. Because I think I’ve got it all together? No. Far from it. I just don’t see the point of making a list that doesn’t have groceries on it.

2006 will bring what it will bring, list or no list. I do hope that 2006 is a tsunami-free year. I hope there will be fewer hurricanes, or at least kinder, gentler hurricanes than in 2005. I hope we get some rain here in my neck of the woods. Soon. I hope 2006 brings a lot more of our brave soldiers home from around the world. I hope that the right and left in our country can set the example for the world and our children and play nice together. I hope that 2006 will keep my family and friends and you my dear readers, safe and healthy (and reading!!)

Ooops. That looks like a list. Better add milk.

Happy New Year!

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