Always Real, Makes Me Sigh, Thank You Notes

Polar Bears and Bullies

I came across a news story recently about a woman who attacked a polar bear that was threatening her child. A couple of years ago, this would have seemed completely insane. Now, attacking a polar bear to save my child seems completely reasonable. In fact, going after a pint-sized obnoxious bully at McDonalds seems reasonable. After two solid days of rain last week, I decided that Sean and I needed to get out of the house for a few hours to improve my attitude. In an act of desperation and in violation of my own principles,…

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Antique Daddy

The Sean Salon

Today, Antique Daddy came downstairs to find me sitting on the floor with Sean who was engrossed in combing my hair with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Antique Daddy stood there for a moment wearing a slight scowl before he said, “Um, Sean, where’s your football?”

Antique Childhood, Wivian

The Silver Skates

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was first introduced to figure skating while watching Janet Lynn compete in the 1968 Olympics on television. It was love at first sight. Something about the way the skaters moved across the ice resonated deep within me. I readily identified with Lynn. Like me, she was a small blonde girl from Illinois with a bad pixie haircut. I immediately began imitating the spirals and spins in front of the TV on the hardwood floors in my socks. I knew it was just something that I had to do.…

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Faith, Snips And Snails, Use Your Words

Giving Thanks

em>Scene: Dinner table, House of Antique AM: Okay Sean. It’s time to eat. Fold your hands please and bow your head. Sean: (Drops head and for dramatic effect bumps it on the table. Chuckles to himself.) AM: (Lowers voice an octive to indicate reverence) Dear G – Sean: Aiaaaya-mahn! (Looks up over folded hands smiling) AM: Sean bow your head please. Ahem… Dear God, tha- Sean: Aiy-ya-Mahn! AM: Dear God, Thank you for this food and – Sean: Moo! AM: … thank you for the moon. Sean: Sun, Mommy. AM: … and the sun. Thank you…

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GiGi and Poopah, Makes Me Sigh, Mildly Amusing, Outsmarted

Sunday Morning Quarterback

This morning after Sunday school, I hurried down the hall to get Sean out of his class. Before he saw me in the crowded hallway, I spotted him tentatively coming towards me carrying his little Bible. He was wearing a worried expression. A big tear was on the verge of tumbling down the sweet terrain of his face. All of the other children had been picked up by their parents and he was the last one. When he saw me, his face lit up with recognition and he ran towards me. I bent down on one…

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Antique Childhood, Papa Ed

The Fine Art of Goofing Off

Here in the northern reaches of the great state of Texas, it was 85 degrees on Thursday – a wonderfully warm winter day perfect for doing nothing in particular. Sean and I took the opportunity to get out and about in the neighborhood where I hoped to instruct him in the fine art of goofing off. Goofing off is best done in pairs. My dad and I, who are similarly wired, have always liked to goof off together. Whenever I’m home, Dad and I still head out to the garage and make something with whatever we…

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School, Use Your Words

Violins, Violence, Poo, Pooh

This morning, as I drove Sean to school, he called from the back seat: “Mommy! I got Poo Pants!” Oh, no. My heart sank. I was hoping to drop him off and make a quick get away for a 45-minute mini-spa at Starbucks. Yes, it’s to the point that when I can drink a cup of coffee and read the newspaper in peace for 45 minutes, I consider it a “get away”. But now with the Poo Pants announcement, I would have to park the car, go into the school, Half Nelson him out of his…

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Outsmarted, Parenting Gone Awry

Do as I say, sort of…

Our house looks like Christo broke in. Everything is wrapped in plastic from floor to ceiling. We are having some of the rooms in our house painted which has made for an interesting week with Sean, Antique Daddy, five painters and me all sharing the same space and huffing latex. Yesterday, since it was cold and rainy, I took Sean to the mall to get away from the paint if only for a few hours. We headed to the indoor kiddie play area where I figured Sean could bounce off the walls, floors and ceilings and…

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Parenting Gone Awry

One step ahead

In Sean’s two years of life, I have done a number of stupid things that could have landed me on the nightly news. There was the time I turned my head for a nanosecond and he did a back flip with a double twist in the pike position off the changing table. By the grace of God, he landed on his hands and feet like a cat. He didn’t even hit his head on anything on the way down. Miraculous. He just looked surprised – or maybe he was reacting to the look on my face.…

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