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Giving Thanks

em>Scene: Dinner table, House of Antique

AM: Okay Sean. It’s time to eat. Fold your hands please and bow your head.

Sean: (Drops head and for dramatic effect bumps it on the table. Chuckles to himself.)

AM: (Lowers voice an octive to indicate reverence) Dear G –

Sean: Aiaaaya-mahn! (Looks up over folded hands smiling)

AM: Sean bow your head please. Ahem… Dear God, tha-

Sean: Aiy-ya-Mahn!

AM: Dear God, Thank you for this food and –

Sean: Moo!

AM: … thank you for the moon.

Sean: Sun, Mommy.

AM: … and the sun. Thank you God for the moon and the sun.

Sean: Staaaaws!

AM: and the stars

Sean: Mr. Monkey!

AM: Thankyouforourfoodandeverythingwehavebecauseweknowthatitallcomesfrom

Sean: Aiiiy –

AM: you. Amen

Sean: Mahn! Oh man! Oh man!

AM: Amen indeed. Let’s eat.

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