Mildly Amusing, Snips And Snails

“Cracked” me up

I guess all kids go through a stage where mommy’s kiss can make anything better. We are in that phase right now and I don’t really want it to end. The idea that another human being thinks I’m all that is really appealing and it’s going to be a let down — for me — when he learns the awful truth about my abilities.

Earlier today, Sean took a little spill with great dramatic flair and landed on his behind. From my vantage point it looked as though it might have been on purpose since he immediately looked up to see if I was watching. When he saw that he had my attention, he burst into crocodile tears and came running. I scooped him up and hugged him and assured him that he was fine. “Mommy I hurt my bobo!” he fake boo hoo’d. And then he bent over and pulled his pants down just enough to expose the cutest little plumbers crack you ever did see. Looking back over his shoulder, with all sincerity he said, “Kiss it.”

It wasn’t the first time someone had told me to kiss their butt, but it was the first time I that I actually did it.

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