Guest Post – By Sean

Grandma has been here visiting all week and boy has it been fun, but also I’ve learned a lot. Here are just a few things:

Things I Learned From Grandma This Week
By Sean

1) There IS a toy store in the mall – I didn’t know this until Grandma pointed it out. I can’t believe Mom didn’t know that – duh! And…
2) There IS a candy store in the mall too! Mom’s gotta get her eyes checked.
3) Grandma is just another name for Fairy Godmother.
4) Grandma is more fun than Mommy to sit next to at a restaurant.
5) Grandma is more fun period.
6) Grandma is crazy in a good way, whereas Mommy is just crazy.
7) Grandma will play on the floor longer than Mommy because she can’t get up.
8) Grandma understands that popsicles are a food group.
9) Grandma doesn’t use bad words like No or Stop.
10) Almost any occasion calls for Scotch Tape and a lot of it.
11) There is no such thing as “too messy”.
12) There is no such thing as too many toys.
13) Mommy could stand to relax the lower end of her digestive tract once in a while.
14) People with silver hair are nicer than those without.
15) What’s “pay back”?

I can’t wait for Grandma to come back and visit. I have so much more to learn.

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