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The Big Party

Last weekend, we were invited to a birthday party in the neighborhood. Our neighbor’s oldest little girl was turning six and her parents went all out and threw a fabulous party for her.

It was a western themed event and they served up hot dogs for the kids and brisket for the adults. They had cowboy hats and bandanas for the kids to wear. They brought in a petting zoo, had pony rides and a bounce house. They also have the Mercedes model of those big wooden combination fort/slide/rock climbing wall/swing sets in their backyard that Sean was coveting. Okay I was coveting that too. We have none of those things – no swing set and certainly no farm animals. When Sean wants to swing we go to a nearby playground and we are so pathetic that we borrow our neighbor’s cat for our petting needs.

All that to say, that this wonderful party really made an impression on Sean. So much so that he is still talking about it a week later.

As we were driving out of the neighborhood this morning and past their house, Sean said “Mommy, I want to go back to that big party” — as though the party were still in progress. I chuckled as I imagined my neighbor Cheryl a week later with 50 children and farm animals still running around her back yard. “Well Sean, that party is over,” I said, “but maybe they will have another one next year and we can go again.”

He thought about that for a second and then with mucho gusto he said “Yeah!” as though he had just slammed back a shot of whiskey, and then he added, “and then I will say HOO-RAY!! — just like that!”

Is there any other way to say “hooray”?

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