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Sean Has A Lot To Learn From His Daddy Before He Gets Married…

As I was getting Sean into the car to take him to school on Monday, I bumped him on the head with the car door as I opened it. Poor little guy. He just looked at me like “Why would you do that?”

As we drove, I was multi-tasking, which is dangerous for a formerly semi-natural blonde like me. I was making a mental list of what I needed to get done (pay bills, grocery store, laundry) versus what I wanted to get done (Starbucks, Half Price Books, TJMaxx) while at the same enthusing upon command over every horse, cow and pick up truck along the way, which in Texas is a lot of enthusing. All while trying to honor those pesky red and green lights. My head wasn’t in the game.

When we were about half way to school, Sean pipes up from the back seat with a twinge of angst in his voice, “Mommy no strap me in!”

GULP! I pulled over as quickly as I could, ran around the back of the car and to the other side and buckled him into his carseat as the responsible mommys in mini-vans whizzed past me.

“Oh Sean! I’m so sorry!” I said. ” I am not a very good Mommy today!”

“Yeah, I know!” he said rubbing the bump on his head.

Glad I didn’t ask him if these pants made my butt look big.

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