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  • New Week, New Rules

    May 9, 2006

    Last week, you may recall that Sean nominated me for Most Negligent Parent of the Week after I failed to properly stow him in the upright and locked position in his car seat. But this is a new week. And anything that would have landed his mother in jail last week, this week seems like a good idea.

    And so this week Sean does not want to be strapped into the car seat which lead to this discussion:

    AM: Sean, I must strap you into your car seat.

    Sean: No! (twisting and kicking and triple Lutzing)

    AM: Sean, it’s the law. You must be strapped into your car seat. I need your cooperation. (It was like trying to arm wrestle an octopus wearing sunscreen.)

    Sean: No! I don’t want strap in. Don’t strap me in!

    AM: If I don’t strap you in, the police will take me to jail.

    He stops opposing me for a moment to consider life without Mommy. I was regretting having said that thinking that he was imagining all the fun he could have with the stuff under the kitchen sink if Mommy weren’t around.

    Sean: I no want Mommy go to jail… who make Sean’s lunch?

    So there you have it. I am indispensable around here. At least at noon. Not just anyone can microwave chicken nuggets you know.

    As I basked in the afterglow of my son’s overflowing affection, I resumed trying to strap an oily octopus into this car seat.

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