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The Offering

After I gave Sean the lesson on earning money the other day, I realized that I should probably introduce the idea of saving, spending and sharing. I told him that some of the money he earned, he would save to pay for mommy’s luxury retirement villa, some of it he would be allowed to spend on toys or imported dark chocolate and some of it he would give back to God on Sundays.

So Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church, he said that he needed to get some money out of his bank to put in his pocket for “Je-jush.” Although technically he didn’t have a pocket, I was quite impressed. He not only remembered our lesson in money management, but he was willing to go along with it. Suze Orman would be proud.

I retrieved his little homemade bank from his dresser and handed it to him. He  upended it, the four coins (a penny, nickel, dime and quarter) jangling to the floor. He sat cross-legged on the floor, taking a long time to study his portfolio. As he sat there, he knocked the knuckles of his little boy fists lightly together. He hmmmm’d and pursed his lips in indecision. Which one? Which one? His hands quivered and darted from coin to coin as he decided and then undecided.

I prodded him, “Make a choice sweetie. Which coin would you like to put in the offering plate today?” Finally, his eyes lit up and he cheerfully announced, “The brown one!” Then he stood up and shoved his tightly clenched fist and the brown coin down into the waist of his shorts and out through the leg.

In his mind, I’m sure the brown one was the best of what he had to give. And if not, well at least he was cheerful about it. And God loves a cheerful giver.

11 thoughts on “The Offering

  1. I am feeling very guilty right now. My boys usually put money in th e plate, but it comes straight from my purse. I really do need to teach them more about the spirit of giving. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow! He has down what so many adults still have to learn!

    By the way, I like your new digs. It’s comfy and cozy and seems very you. Congrats!

  3. By the way, thank you very much for your comments to which I have not yet responded, including the one where you mentioned that you too are an IBD patient. I’m sorry to hear that =( Do you know if Sean has it? I hope not.

    Anyway, thank you again =)

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