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I’m Sure He Meant That In The Nicest Way

This morning, as I was getting Sean out of his pj’s and into appropriate mud pie making attire, there was this exchange:

Antique Mommy:  Sean, you’ve got a suntan!  You’re as brown as a berry!”

Sean:  Eat me!

It won’t be long before that won’t be funny.

12 thoughts on “I’m Sure He Meant That In The Nicest Way

  1. That’s so cute! Kids are so innocent. My son told my daughter to bite him, but she was tired so she asked her older brother to bite the other brother for her….

  2. oh!
    you are the only other person I have know to say that a child is as brown as a berry!
    In just a couple of weeks Youngest will be as brown as a berry…

  3. and yet…it is funny now! Take ’em where you can get ’em.

    (Love the new place btw. If I’d known, I’d have picked up a bottle of wine and some sage brush.)

  4. How cute! The kids things say…it’s a good thing we have blogs to preserve these gems.

    Btw, I like your new digs. I think the last time I visited you you were in blogger. I totally want to make the move from blogger to typepad, but you know when you’re in an abusive relationship and you think, hey, it’ll be better tomorrow and you just can’t get yourself to leave? Well, that’s kinda where I am with Blogger, even though I KNOW we need to divorce.

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