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Mud Muffins

My mom’s parenting philosophy has always been this: Never miss an opportunity to have fun. If it didn’t hurt anything (permanently) and it was fun (and free) she would make it happen.

Nothing was ever too messy or too much trouble for my mom if it meant her kids having fun. The list of crazy things she would let us do (or think up for us to do) is endless, but one of the things I especially remember is that when it was too cold to go outside, she would bring snow inside in her big mixing bowls so that we could make little snowmen in the house.

I think the thing mom enjoyed most about her kids was the license to be a kid herself. I want to be that kind of mom.

So last week I took a page out of her parenting book and set up a mud muffin making factory for Sean in the backyard. He worked in the gentle morning sunshine mixing and stirring mud in his big metal washtub, perfecting his muffin recipie “in case a moose came by.” It wasn’t long before the clothes came off and he was clad only in mud, but there is precious little time in life when one can a) fit in a washtub and b) enjoy being unabashedly naked.

I sat in a lawn chair near the muffin factory employed as the chief taste-tester and company photographer while enjoying the intoxicating combination of sunshine, mud and a carefree little boy.

Maybe when he’s a grown man, he’ll remember the day that his crazy mom set him up in business making mud muffins in the backyard. Or maybe he’ll just remember that no matter the trouble or the mess, his mama never missed an opportunity to have fun.

14 thoughts on “Mud Muffins

  1. And the rest of us can remember the look on his face that says it all! So glad I got to experience that — thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that philosophy. I could have used that growing up. I makes me want to stop being the “what on earth were you thinking” mom and start being the “what can we do today” fun girl that is dying to get out and play with the kids!

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder that being a kid doesn’t have to stop when you groe older.

  3. Emi sent me
    What a beautiful post, I feel like Cruella now after reading that. lol Those kids grow up so fast, you must have alot of patience.

  4. Wish I was better at remembering this. (I was pretty good before #2 arrived. Hopefully I’ll be able to chill out before my summer “vacation” ends. (So I can enjoy it too.)

  5. So my boys are 16 and 14, mud muffins won’t cut it. If I’m going to become a fun mom I’ll need help. Got any ideas?

  6. I remember making mud pies for my dad in the backyard! I used dandelion leaves for lettuce and cornsilk for noodles. We had a whole meal. šŸ™‚

  7. That’s awesome. I need to work on that a little bit. I don’t mind my kids getting dirty outdoors, but I’m a little fussy about messes in the house. I’m getting better, but I’m still more uptight than I need to be. She sounds like a great Mom and so do you.

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