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Kansas City Here I Come

Last Saturday, I took my first solo trip away from Sean. I took a day trip to Kansas City to have lunch with some blogging buddies.

I had been looking forward to it for more than a month. I looked forward to getting away on my own for the first time in a more than a decade and I looked forward to meeting people I only knew through the computer. I wondered if it would be like Christmas. Would all the anticipation and excitement and curiosity of what was hidden be disappointing when all was revealed? It seemed like Saturday would never come and then suddenly it was here. When it was time to kiss my baby goodbye at the curb, my intestines were busy learning macramé.

Off and on over the course of the preceding week, I previewed and prepared Sean for Saturday morning, as the experts who write books tell you to do. I told him that on Saturday I would be taking an airplane ride but that I would be back by the end of the day. I reminded him that he would have daddy all day to himself and that they would do fun things like go to PetCo.

As Saturday approached, he said to me out of the blue: “Mommy, I don’t want you go on an airplane. That scare me.” I couldn’t think of a single thing that would have prompted this remark, so I asked him what it was that scared him. “I don’t want the airplane to tip over,” he said solemnly. I reassured him the plane was not going to tip over and that he need not worry about it. I told him that Uncle Dick has been flying airplanes for thirty years and never once tipped one over. That seemed to set his mind at ease or maybe he just kept it to himself. I worry that that it was the latter.

I got out of the car and opened the door to the backseat to give him a kiss goodbye. I looked at him sitting in the backseat of the car, still in his baseball pajamas, still sleepy, still so little. Tears stung my eyes. Bye Sweet Potato!” I said to him tipping his chin up with my thumb. I sounded falsely happy. I looked deep into his eyes. “I’ll see you later today, ” I promised. “You be a good boy for daddy.” I kissed his nose.

“Bye Mommy” he said, rubbing his eyes. Then he gave me a smile and waved at me by scrunching his fingers in and out as though he were working dough. “Dear God,” I whispered to myself, “Don’t let the plane tip over.”

It turned out that Saturday was the best Christmas ever. I got more than I ever imagined and it was better than I could have imagined. I will write about the wonderful ladies I met in the coming week when I have time and can do it justice. (In the meantime, Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer has a well written summary and pictures too!)

When Sean and Antique Daddy picked me up at the airport that evening, my heart was full. It had been a very good day. Any day you make sixteen new friends is a good day. And now I was home. I opened the car door and kissed my boy. He was exactly where I had left him. “Mommy!” he said, “I look for you but I not see you today.” He had missed me.

Thank you God, I whispered to myself. Thank you for this boy, my husband, my sixteen new friends and not letting the plane tip over.

23 thoughts on “Kansas City Here I Come

  1. What a sweet story! You need to submit that to a magazine (or not, but I know it would get published.) Also can’t wait to read about the day with your 16 new friends!

  2. “I don’t want the airplane to tip over.” Oh man, that would have KILLED me. It must have been so hard to force yourself to go, but it sounds like the Mommy Blogger Summit was awesome. Anybody out there in New England want to plan one? I’d definitely be up for it.

  3. AM, I didn’t realize that was your first big trip away from Sean. That makes it even more meaningful that you went to so much effort to join us. Thank you!

  4. I found you from Shannon’s blog. Loved your story in your “About” section about how you came to be a mommy. I think God laughs at me a lot, too, when I plan how things should go (nothing has turned out how I planned, by the way!). I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Have a great day!

  5. It was a true joy to meet you. I feel tht we have been friends for a long while although we have just met. I could very easily spend hours talking with you about anything! What a precious gift your son is.

  6. What a beautiful story. Sean has such a caring heart doesn’t he? Seems like we worry about them getting hurt almost as much as we worry about what losing us would do to them. Makes your heart break.

  7. What a joy finally to meet you and to give you the hug I’ve been wanting to give you for a long time now. Thank you for joining us, especially since it was a want/not want moment with Sean. The really important part is that you came home to Sean and he missed and loved you.

  8. It was so great getting to meet you. I ahven’t been a blogger long enough to know that you were famous 🙂 in blogging world. I feel honored that you joined us and for the bits of your life you shared there and here. I am also glad to hear that you made it ohme safe only to show you baby that mommies always return!

  9. Oh that was sweet. I remember when I left the BoyChild for the first time, he was only a couple of months old, but I got up at 4:00 am to catch an early morning flight to take some depositions in Alabama and flew home the same night so I didn’t have to be away from him any longer than necessary.

    I ready Shannon’s account of the trip. I’m so jealous, that sounds like so much fun!

  10. That is so awesome! I’m glad you were able to go to that get together. I love meeting fellow bloggers, I figure since I pick and choose who I read, I’ll probably like the author, if I like their blog. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

    For the record, I’m glad your plane didn’t tip over, either. I’d miss you, lots.

  11. LOVED meeting you! You are even more fabulous in person than on your blog … If that is even possible! I wish that I would have been able to spend the afternoon with you all. I’m so glad you were able to come.

  12. After hearing the story of conceiving Sean in person, I had to come to your blog and pilfer through it until I found your story. It was so touching and I just sat here and thought, “What a special lady she is.”

    Thanks for coming to all of the trouble to come up and meet us.

  13. Would love to see you write about your experience of going from virtual friendship to real friendship….

    Would make an interesting blog post….

  14. How sweet that he didn’t want you to go, and even sweeter that he really did miss you. I’m glad your plane didn’t tip over!

    Reading all of your stories make me wish I could have been there. Anyone wanna come to Georgia?

  15. What a great story, all the way around. It sounds like you had a wonderful time – which is great – and also like you enjoyed seeing your hubby and your son back home again that evening – which might be great-er. I’m glad the plane didn’t tip over too.

  16. I enjoyed reading this…and I wanted to add that I am 43 with two daughters, ages 4 and 7. (I may have started just a wee bit earlier than you but still always feel as if I’m the oldster in whatever mommy group I’m in!)
    I’m also a wanna-be writer with a novel almost finished.
    I’m new to blogging and still don’t have all the lingo down, but just started one of my own last month.
    Nice to “meet” you!

  17. I love the line ‘my intestines were learning macrame’ that’s so exactly how it feels. Glad you had such a good time.

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