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Somewhere In The Middle…

of the country is where I am this week.

Sean and I are visiting my parents this week in central Illinois. For me, it has meant less computer time and more gazebo and book reading time. For Sean, it has meant time spent with seldom seen cousins and aunts and uncles and unlimited popsicles and rides in the wheelbarrow. There is nothing my parents will not do to amuse the prince. Nothing. Next week, it means undoing all Wivian and Papa Ed’s (Grandma and Grandpa) doing.

My mom is graciously allowing me to use her computer and dial-up internet connection which is so lovely of her to do so, but my goodness! S-L-O-W-! Anyway I’ve been checking in on your blogs this week but her computer and Juno won’t let me comment — I see you but you don’t see me!

I see from my email that someone nominated my Ode To MTM for a Perfect Post! Thank you thank you whomever you are! Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to track you down and thank you properly until I’m home on my own computer.

I’ve got to go take the matches away from Sean and untie Papa Ed right now. Look for me right here on Monday. In the meantime, why not check out Best of Antique Mommy? The link is in the sidebar.

7 thoughts on “Somewhere In The Middle…

  1. Well, I didn’t know about a contest, but I would have nominated that post. It was about the funniest thing I’ve ever read and I emailed it to just about everyone who lived during the MTM era and could relate.

  2. I have to do dial-up when we go visit Grandma, too. It nearly kills me. Un-doing a week of grandparental child spoiling is no piece of cake, either! Thank goodness for those grandparents, though, they often make me see my kids in a new light, and I love ’em for it.

  3. Yes, the first post of yours I read was on MTM and it was priceless…I would have nominated it too if I was blog-savvy enough to know about these things.
    Enjoy the relaxation!

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