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Cheap Thrills

One thing I love about the stage we are in right now with Sean is that it doesn’t take a whole lot to thrill him.  He has a lot of imagination and loves to pretend.  I know that this time is golden and that one of these days he will be begging for expensive mind-numbing toys like Play Stations and X-Boxes (whatever those are) and being the cheapskate that I am, I’m not really looking forward to that.

Right now, if you ask Sean what he wants to do he will shout with enthusiasm “PetCo!”  We go to PetCo (or PetSmart, we’re not that loyal) about four times as week.  I call it the poor man’s zoo.  We make several laps around the store looking at the dogs in doggy day care or getting groomed, the cats waiting for adoption, birds, fish, hamsters, snakes and mice.  Our local PetSmart even has a tack shop with it, so Sean sometimes I let him sit on the saddles or try on riding caps.

Other free fun venues include the fish tanks at Wal-Mart and the Home Depot lawn and garden department where he likes to sit on the riding lawn mowers.  And of course the Six Flags of free fun is the local Fire Station.  Shoe warehouses provide nice long aisles to run up and down.  I used to let him try on shoes, but his excessive interest in green sequined tennis shoes was a little troubling to me.  My mind’s eye kept flashing on Richard Simmons.

If you are looking for fun at home, few things are as cheap or fun as a bottle of bubbles.   But we are also happy with just a stick.

Cheap and easily amused are we here at the House of Antique.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills

  1. Wow, you’re a dotMoms writer ….

    I love your cheap thrills. (Now there’s a quote.) I will have to remember the pet store when my baby comes along and gets a little older (due Sept. 1). Hey, the pet store is a cheap thrill for my husband, too. (Ooh, another interesting quote.)

  2. Oh ha ha, we’re big fans of Petco, too. And right next door, there’s this bakery that gives out fresh slices of bread? You don’t even have to buy a loaf? World’s best toddler outing.

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