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How is it that it can take 24 minutes to dress a toddler, but only 24 seconds for him to get completely naked? I guess it could just be a GUY thing. Actually it only takes about 4 minutes to dress a toddler. The other twenty minutes are spent bribing, threatening, cajoling, and negotiating while he does an impression of a boy made of Jello.

This comes up because the other day I had Sean completely dressed and ready for school. I ran back to my bedroom to grab something (and I mean I literally ran) and by the time I got back ten seconds later he was standing by the door to the garage wearing only his backpack and his socks.

I guess I hadn’t gotten the note that it was Naked Day at school.

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  1. Naked Day at school! That’s hilarious. Love your sense of humor. I believe that’s a survival strategy from way back, invented to keep mothers from mutilating their young.

  2. Ha this reminds me of when my son was 5,I set the timer in the mornings and gave him ample time to be ready to go or the consequence was, he had to completely dress in the car on the way to school.He thought I was joshin, Well I tell you that boy was completely dressed by the time I was at the end of my drive. And it never happened again. But they may not work for you since he doesnt mind going naked lol……
    Too funny.

  3. LOL! Every now and then, my kids want not to get dressed for school. I call it pajama day and move on. I figure if they don’t mind the joshing they’ll receive, I can live with it too.

    It’s a good thing they don’t sleep in the nude though…

  4. We have a son. He is now five. From the ages of 11 (when he began walking) until about 3 1/2 we called him “Noodle Leg Boy.” I laugh until I cried at your description of Sean as a “boy made of jello.”

    Be strong, Antique Mommy, you’ve only a little while longer before he grows bones strong enough to support him while being dressed.

  5. Okay, not to laugh at your frustration, but this was hilarious! Especially the Jell-O part. Such an accurate description.

  6. Which shoe do you want to put on first, this one or that one?

    The shorts or the shirt?

    The arm through this hole or that?

    Boys and men. They have to be in control.

    MotherPie Cheers.

  7. That’s pretty funny. With my Peanut (who is a 21-month-old girl) we haven’t yet had to deal with her randomly undressing herself, but every doll in the house must be naked All. The. Time. She completely freaks out if I try to put the clothes back on the dolls. Before I had the Peanut, when I visited the homes of friends with older daughters who played with Barbies, I used to wonder why the Barbies always seemed to be naked. It seems it’s a lot easier to take the doll clothes off than to put them back on!

  8. If you can stand it let him dress himself. somehow our 5-year-old doesn’t mind keeping the clothes on so much if HE picks them out.
    Alex’s Mommy
    (and I’m 52, although I do have to admit to doing it the easy way – he’s adopted, so at least I didn’t have to be pregnant at 47, oh my God, what a thought. We got him when he was 5 1/2 months old.)

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