Antique Daddy

A Boy Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Scene: Saturday morning in the kitchen.

AD: I’m going to take Sean to the park. Wanna go?

AM: No thanks. I think I’ll stay here and get some things done (code for blog).

AD: Come on, go with us.

AM: No thanks. I have Sean all day, all week. I think I’ll let you enjoy some one-on-one Sean time.

AD: I love Sean time.

AM: (perturbed) I love Sean time too, but I have him all day long all week.


AM: I love chocolate too, but a pound is more filling than an ounce you know.


AM: What I’m saying is that as much as I love chocolate, after I eat an entire box, I’m full. I’m ready for someone else to eat the chocolate. The next day I’m ready to eat more chocolate again.

AD: We’re not really talking about chocolate, are we?


AD: It’s that time of the month, isn’t it?


AD: Can I get you some chocolate while I’m out?

18 thoughts on “A Boy Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

  1. I remember conversations like this. Funny, I don’t remember them ending in chocolate. That’s one great hubby you have.

  2. Asking if it’s that time of the month? Dangerous. Very dangerous. Your man likes to risk it all.

    I hope you got an ounce or two of chocolate.

  3. What a sweet sweet Antique daddy. You have such an awesome way with analogies. That was so clever and sweet and you even got chocolate out of the deal.

  4. LOL. DS has been known to show up w/a Vente Mocha for me after conversations like this. Conversations resulting in him taking TS out for a “walk” so Mommy doesn’t kill someone.
    That’s how I know he really loves me; he knows my order at starbucks.

  5. That man is a keeper!!! Yes, you want him to get you chocolate while he’s out, and if he is smart, he’ll bring back some really good wine too!

    Love this explaination of life as a mom! I think you hit it right on the head.

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