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Last Weekend In July

Mosaic_2It is from the shards of broken dreams that the mosaic of life is created.

The last weekend in July was to be one of celebration. A young bride was to meet her groom at the altar, and before God, pledge to him her love, her body, her eternity.

The plans had long been in the making. Caterers had been hired. Rings had been purchased. Gowns had been fitted. Pictures had been taken. Parties had been given. Gifts had been wrapped. Promises had been made. Dreams had been launched.

A phone call can forever alter the course of a life. The groom has had a change of heart. With little explanation there will be no wedding. No one tells you how to keep your knees from buckling in a moment like this. No one tells you what to do with broken dreams and five pounds of wedding mints.

I have no words of wisdom to offer my young friend.  Nothing to assuage the sting of humiliation or to numb the pain or to assure her that someday she will be happy again.  What I have to offer her, she does not want or need right now. What I have to offer her is my confidence that some day she will lie in the arms of a man who never doubted for a second that she should belong to him, never doubted that she should spend her life with him, never doubted that they should weather life’s storms and grow old together — a man who never doubted that for him there could be no other.

I know that someday she will sometimes think back to this last weekend in July, if for only a second, and whisper this prayer: Thank you God.

16 thoughts on “Last Weekend In July

  1. I don’t even know her and yet I feel so sad. I know that one day she’ll look back and be grateful that this happened. But today is not the day and I don’t think it will come for a long time.

  2. oh wow. That is terrible. Many hugs. In time she will not only be grateful to you for your support but that he did not go through with something he could not follow through on…hugs that sucks.

  3. oh how horrible. He couldn’t have said something sooner?
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers her way (through you) because a broken heart seems to take forever to heal.

  4. Don’t we just wish for her that she could see God’s big picture right now. Not in a few years, but now.
    And while it may not be the mature thing of me….I hope that nit wit of groom gets fire ants in his pants just for poor timing!

  5. I have tears in my eyes right now. I have said many a prayer for that sweet girl and her wonderful parents. That date has been on my mind this week as well. You put it so well. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  6. I know nothing of the circumstances regarding this event but what I do know is that life has a funny way of deciding when to test your soul. It most certainly never happens when you’re expecting it. When something happens that rocks us to our very core we ultimately have 2 choices:

    1) Grieve (as long as necessary; can’t move on without), take a hard look in the mirror, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and climb back on.


    2) Not. Some never recover. This is where good family and friends come in. Hugs, lots of them.

    The Oak tree is old and mighty because it has learned to bed and not break.

  7. Twice now I have lived to see two broken promises of weddings disappoint and then later, a few years down the road, see “the big picture” and then sigh an incredible sigh of gigantic relief.

  8. Oh my heart hurts for her! I, too, had a cancelled wedding two weeks prior to the ceremony – called off, by me, because of a phone call that uncovered my fiance’s infidelity.

    Today, 14 years later, after over 10 years of marriage to my DH, I, too, believe that there is life after unbelievable heartbreak. God knew what he was doing when he derailed my “perfect” life, and gave me a blessed one…I pray that is her future as well!

  9. I know the focus is on the poor bride, but thank God the groom had enough courage to not put them both in a terrible situation of unhappiness and doubt.

  10. Tess is right, better to call it off before the wedding than after. Marriage is hard enough for those that are totally committed to each other, let alone those with doubts. At some point, she may even thank him for preventing a mistake from happening. Small consolation now, however.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. Your wish for her is spot-on, of course. I can remember the utter devastation of my first husband’s decision to move out and on with his life with someone else, and thinking that I could never recover from the pain. In the last few years, I’ve had more than one moment when I held my husband’s hand or woke with my head on his shoulder, or held my 2-year-old son in my arms and thought “I could never have appreciated this as much as I do, without that pain.” I hope your friend finds that she, too, appreciates what she has all the moreso when it comes to her.

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