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Things I Learned From Balloons

Balloons1) If someone knocks you down, bounce right back and be perky. It’s annoying.

2) It only takes one little prick to take the wind out of your sails.

3) Sometimes the greatest joy is in the releasing and letting go.

4) Some go out with a bang. Others linger long and lifeless. But nothing lasts forever.

5) Sometimes all it takes to cheer someone up is just to hang around.

6) It’s probably best to stay away from power lines.

The bandwagon is officially open. Feel free to jump on.

18 thoughts on “Things I Learned From Balloons

  1. Wow…so positive after the doctor’s office waiting room (I was afraid you were still there!)

    Thanks. The balloon analogies made me smile (especially the one about the little prick…)

  2. Balloons are mostly hot air!

    Balloons become flaccid with old age. (Also, open to being interpreted)

    If they don’t stay grounded, you’ll never see them again.

  3. Right after my grandpa died, I was walking with my little daughter and she was holding a balloon – which was accidentally released to the sky.
    “That’s okay,” I said to my sobbing daughter, “It’s going up to Heaven to see Great-Grandpa.”
    My little girl looked at the sky.
    Life Lesson: It’s rude to take other people’s balloons.

  4. Um must have been the only child that did not love balloons.
    Great post though.
    Think I’m in the long and linger catagory of balloon, you know lifeless and a heap behind the sofa.

  5. What goes up must eventually come down. You can’t spend your life floating in the clouds. Sometimes you have to get your feet on the ground.

  6. I always took my children to restaurants when they were little, they would always get a balloon. I was alittle paranoid after a while because they would pop in the car on the way home and freak me out. So I told my children from now on let’s let them go in the parking lot and see how far we could watch them. My son at 4 years old said let’s let them go to Heaven I am sure a child must be having a Birthday today!!! So then it became a tradition. I think of that often when I see Balloons.

  7. I learned that I am allergic to latex which sucks for my kids although sometimes I will gamble a little like when my youngest received a balloon bouquet from his best friend after surgery # 9. I just kept my epi-pen handy and tried not to scratch the itchy hives.

  8. Wind can be expelled in loud farty noises!

    Sorry that was the first thing that came to mind after a day with my kids.

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