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Hold Everything

Sean takes the slogan “Have it your way!” to a whole new level. This exchange the other evening:

AM: Sean, how about a chicken pot pie for dinner? Does that sound good?

Sean: Okay, but I don’t want the chicken in it.

AM: Well then how about macaroni & cheese instead?

Sean: Sure! I just don’t want the cheese on it.

AM: Okiedokie then… How about a hamburger?

Sean: Okay but I don’t want the meat on it. I just don’t like the meat part.

AM: How about a macaroni and hamburger bun pot pie then?

Sean: Okay.

AM: That was joke. You know the internet people get my jokes. How about I pick out the chicken in the pot pie? Would that work for you?

Sean: Okay.

AM: Want some chocolate milk to go with it?

Sean: Sure!… But not the milk part.

AM: Why did I not already know that?

22 thoughts on “Hold Everything

  1. I remember that finicky stage! I’d use humor/distraction. As in: Want a shoe chopped up in there, too? Or, do you want to eat it in a bowl or on a plate, with a fork or with a spoon? Eat it like a monster, or eat it like a goon? Eat it later, or eat it soon?

  2. Officially, I declare you a much nicer mom than I am.

    I remember when my son started in on that. I’d listen to his requests as I was making lunch, and then I just set the food on the table and said “If you’re hungry, there’s the food. I’m not a short order cook. You’ve got a couple of choices: Take it or leave it.”

    It’s amazing how less picky that boy is now. However, he still cannot eat broccoli without making a face. But at least he eats it.

  3. My daughter doesn’t talk yet, but she still finds her way to say she doesn’t like something…she bites the spoon, moves her head quickly to the side, pushes my hand with hers throwing all the food that was on the spoon to the floor/my lap/my face…I look forward to the happy years to come! 😉

  4. I loved this stage, however, I was an Auntie. It would take me forever to make a sandwich and drive my brother to distraction. One of my favorite memories is when I walked into my brother’s house when my folks were visiting. My brother looked at me and said “You’ll never guess what YOUR mother did.” I said, “When did she become MY mother?” he replied, “When she fed my son cold Spahgettios for breakfast.”

    I, of course, just laughed because that is exactly what I would have done. My mother’s defense? That is what he wanted. Rock on Mom.

  5. You’ve got a CEO in the makings!

    It’s cute when they are two and you’re their mom. It’s just wrong when they are 52 and your boss.

    The internet people get my jokes….

  6. “the internet people get my jokes.” The internet people? That’s all we are to you? 😀 Can we invade your home like the TV People in Poltergeist? Sean will look at your laptop and say, “they’re heeeere” and we’ll all bring hamburger bun and macaroni pot pies, and magazines for you to read in the waiting room, and whack moles in your back yard.

  7. I have actually *paid* my daughter to try things (like broccoli). Is that pathetic or what? Every time, though, she’s ended up liking whatever it was she tried, and then – lucky me – she will eat it, free of charge, in the future. 😉

    I know, I know. I have stooped to whole new levels of low.

    Now I must say that I didn’t even attempt to bribe her at Sean’s age. At his age, she was way more stubborn, and I’m pretty sure her entire diet consisted of fruit, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and mac ‘n’ cheese. And compared to some of my friends’ kids, that was a lot.

  8. Well I got most of that conversation just fine, except you lost me when he staed he wanted chocolate milk with no milk? How is that possible.
    My kids were picky but I gave them two choices and trust me they ate it when they got hungry.
    Sean is adorable, I am glad you are having such a grand time with.

  9. I love reading all about Sean. What a cute little guy you have! I have a 2yr old and a 1yr old who are still rather agreeable to most things but I see them being picky in the days to come!

    My fave phrase that you use is “Whatever Dude!”

  10. Cute! I totally understand Chocolate Milk without the milk. Isn’t that how everybody drinks it?

    Mine say things like “YOU KNOW I HATE KETCHUP!” “Well, no. Actually when you ask me to order your burger with nothing but ketchup, I kind of think you like it.”

    Is it just me?

  11. Well, what else? Chocolate milk without the milk is a Hershey Bar — pass the plate, Sean. Smart little Dude!

  12. This could only make sense to another mommy. Mine for years lived on air and her left sucking thumb. To this day she won’t eat anthing green in case in might turn out to be a veggie.

  13. (Whatever happened about that mole? I’m dying to know.) I have a grown daughter who still won’t eat anything green.

    Have you thought about maybe a glass of water and a multitude of vitamins? Honestly, when my kids started getting picky it drove me nuts. Thank goodness it only lasts about twenty years.

  14. It’s been ages since I came across a blog that I immediately want to subscribe to (and it’s not even an art blog!). I enjoyed your bio — I even have a couple of stories of people who have given up, been given a prescription for the pill and never started it because they were pregnant. It even happened to me with my second.

    Off on vacation now but I shall return.

  15. Too funny. I have been there, done that. Kids come up with the most amazing things yet when we find them strange they think they are totally normal. Like its normal to have chicken pot pie without chicken.

  16. I’ll have to agree with the others…you’re much nicer and definitely more patient than I would have been in a similar verbal exchange!

    Finally posted my mug shot that I had been telling you about. It’s on my blog: Lessons from the Scrapbook Page.

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