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Cinnamon and Sugar

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If you were to walk into my kitchen, the first thing you will notice is that it smells like cinnamon. And you might look for one of those delicious Yankee candles burning somewhere or pretty bowl of potpourri. Or maybe even one of those scented plug-in deals.

But then when you noticed that with every step you took there was a slight crunching sound underfoot and that when you leaned up against the counter something brown and dusty rubbed off on your pants, you might think that maybe it’s not potpourri, but perhaps something more sinister.

What you probably wouldn’t suspect, unless you yourself have a child, is that when someone was granted the privilege of putting cinnamon and sugar on his toast by himself, he got a little carried away and started waving the open bottle of cinnamon over his head like a cowboy trying to lasso a wayward calf.

And then as you tried to wipe cinnamon off your butt, you might wonder how many days it takes for cinnamon dust to settle out of the air.

And the answer to that is, as of yet, unknown.

33 thoughts on “Cinnamon and Sugar

  1. Go ahead and throw some sugar in with it (it won’t be any crunchier) and borrow the neighbor’s dog to come lick your floor. However, until you figure out how long it takes for cinnamon to settle in the air, do not invite anyone with any type of respiratory disease to your home!

  2. I wrote a poem once about baking with my mom – something about “dancing in the flour clouds of cookie making…” Cinnamon lasso clouds sound lovely, too. And you save money on Yankee candles and plug-in dealies.

  3. I’d be happy to lend you the dog as Sarah suggested. Cinammon, sugar, and dog slobber. Yum!

    After reading your post yesterday I went to Minnie’s site, looked at the suggested picture, and fell over laughing. I hope you and she have a long and wonderful friendship.

  4. Well, at least cinnamon smells nice. I had an eager assistant dump paprika and garlic powder down the heating vent, and on cold days my kitchen still smells like a Hungarian casserole.

  5. Well, I was feeling slightly sorry for you till I read Beck’s comment. Consider yourself lucky. Andi and Zac once used an old time heater (the one about 3 foot tall) for a tomato grater. My whole house smelled like soup all winter.

  6. Oh oh oh. The tomato grater and paprika stories are too funny. I feel for the cinnamon escapade, too.

    Oh my. The tominator has taken to squishing any fresh tomatoes he can find so that the seeds, juice and plup make big pools of goo on the kitchen floor, usually right in front of the refrigerator.

    But that’s nothing compared to cinnamon.

  7. AM, you bring back memories of raising my two, now both in college. I must admit either my memory is worse than I think or you have experienced many more “memorable moments” in Sean’s short life than I did in the past 21 years! I love reading your creative stories and have alerted many mothers to this site for a chuckle. You truly have a gift of being a great mom as well as a writer…

  8. This gives a whole new meaning to the “kiss your baby test” for cystic fibrosis—(their skin tastes salty). Kissing your baby would be yummy! Even the kitchen floor sounds pretty good — cinnamon and sugar served on vinyl.

  9. A bottle of cinnamon never lasts long in this house. We put it in our coffee, on toast, in cereal.

    But the concept of using it as room deodorizer sounds oddly appealing to me. If anything, it will make all the other stuff down there on the kitchen floor less disgusting…

  10. I’ve been sitting here reading various posts on your blog for the last 30 minutes (at least) and laughing out loud! Since I’m listening to music in the headphones at the same time the laughing has evidentally been louder than I realized because I keep looking up and finding at least a couple of members of my family looking at me like I’ve lost my mind…which is pretty much how they look at me most of the time anyway!
    All that to say – I am really enjoying reading your blog! 🙂

  11. LOL! I have boys, and I can picture that exact motion that you described. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

    And about the cinnomon? It probably takes about as long as it takes Silly Putty to decompose enough to be pried from Berber carpet.

  12. This post was too cute! As I was getting ready to comment and I glanced at all the other comments my eye caught the one that said “Keep him away from the glitter… that’s all I’m saying.” and I just started laughing. That comment was as cute as your post!

    I did not stop at this one I read past the cute doctor, the fellow bloggers, cried for your grandmothers love and then came back to the top to comment.

    You have a wonderful blog here and very delightful to read! Hi, I am blogging my way through the CWO blog meeting others as I do. It has been very nice to meet you!

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