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The Comfort Zone

You know your marriage is in a “comfortable” place when:

a) You can’t remember exactly how many years you’ve been married.

b) You both have a nagging feeling all week that you’re forgetting something.

c) Two days later you both remember it was your anniversary.

d) But you don’t remember which one. Exactly.

e) When he remembers it’s your anniversary, he buys you something that plugs in.

f) And you like it.

g) You don’t remember who originally owned which albums.

h) You can name all of his cousins and he can’t.

i) You remember your spouse as having been on every vacation you’ve ever been on.

j) You tell his college stories better than he does. And you weren’t even there.

k) It’s Friday night and the three words you long to hear are “Taco Bueno tonight?”

The band wagon is officially open. Feel free to jump on.

25 thoughts on “The Comfort Zone

  1. Wow! you hit the nail on the head. We just had our anniversary. Or actually had our anniversary pass us by. My husband and I have been married 9 years this past August 30. It only dawned on me halfway through the day and he didn”t remember till he left work at the end of the day. Yeah, I understand!

  2. For us: You want to spend some time together?
    We both head upstairs. He sits on the big comfy chair with the Playstation while I sit in front of my computer and blog.


  3. M. Holding hands seems sweeter now than before.

    N. You go to bed at the same time, but you stay up reading while he drifts to sleep. This doesn’t bother you in the slightest.

    O. You both insist on Sunday afternoon naps… and you really do nap.

    P. You don’t mind picking up his clothes that for some reason never make it to the basket just 10 feet away.

    Q. You know all his favorite meals and you wind up making something that you love instead. He’s okay with that.

    R. You never finish a complete sentence due to interruptions from the kids, but when you pick up on the same conversation an hour later, he is with you.

    S. There is no such thing as privacy in the bathroom.

    T. He will pick up tampons on the way home because you are out.

    U. When you are sick, he will bring you dark chocolate M&Ms to make you feel better.

    V. He brings you flowers just because.

    W. You understand “Guy Time” and encourage him to go so that you can have “Me Time”.

    X. You dream about vacations when it will be “just the two of you” even though you know it will be years away.

    Y. He will give you a back massage anytime at night to help you go to sleep.

  4. I have a hard time remembering how long we’ve been married. But so far we’ve never forgotten the date, but we have had some really meh celebrations. Like last year I wrote him a card telling him what gift I was going to give him (two trees) and as far as I know those trees are still at the nursery.

    cute post

  5. Actually our anniversary is in October. This post started with the stray Taco Bueno thought and then just winded down the proverbial rabbit trail as most of my thinking does!

  6. Perfect. I sometimes look at my husband like I simply cannot even remember the 34 years that came before I met him. I know they couldn’t have been that important. Best of all, he doesn’t care when I steal his fries or his dessert. That’s true love, I tell you.

    It describes my first marriage as well, but the thing we were forgetting was to talk to each other for the past two months. Eh, well.

  7. We just went away for ours and I told them it was our 13th instead of 12th because I got mixed up. Everything from room service said “Happy 13th” on it. I joked to my husband that we can’t go back there next year or they might catch on 😉

  8. 1)you start sharing/splitting meals at the restaurant.
    2)you finish each other’s sentences
    3)He starts cooking all the meals for you
    (in return for the 30 years I cooked them for him)
    4)He now asks if its alright to do things (well not always, but I’ve almost got him trained after 30+ years)
    5)his memories fade just like mine, but he remembers what our first baby’s room looked like!
    6)he stills says he can’t live without me

  9. Happy Anniversary. We just had ours, too. So did Mopsy at I guess we bloggers find this time of year romantic.

    1) He makes my coffee just right without asking.

    2) My most romantic line is “I shaved my legs.”

    3) He makes extra, because even if I say I don’t want any, he knows I’ll change my mind later.

  10. He says two words, “Did you?” and You say “Yes.” And you both know exactly what you’re talking about.

    You own it when the children are acting JUST LIKE either of you.

  11. You know your marriage is in a comfortable place when your best conversations take place in the bathroom.

    And, the only reason Everyday Daddy remembers our anniversary is that he lumps it together with my birthday, which is also Valentine’s Day. He gets off easy with his 3-in-1 plan.

  12. “You know your marriage is in a comfortable place when your best conversations take place in the bathroom.”

    Oh, yes! That’s us as well. And on the road to and from the grocery store 😉

    Great blog! 😀

    Susan in Va

  13. It’s 23 years since you got married, and you’ve known him 24, and you can’t remember what life was like before he came.

    Now that is bliss.

    This poem by Amy Lowell sums it up beautifully:


    When you came, you were like red wine and honey,
    And the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness.
    Now you are like morning bread,
    Smooth and pleasant.
    I hardly taste you at all for I know your savour,
    But I am completely nourished.

  14. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been married 13 years and I know what you mean. How about…

    L. All the stuff you got for your wedding is obsolete.

    M. That 30 year warranty on the first thing you bought together (mattress) is halfway used up.

    N. Your husband is getting salt and pepper in his hair and you like it.

    O. Your children know what “Mommy and Daddy are going to take a nap” means.

    P. You don’t care

    Here’s to many more for you and Mr. Antique Mommy. ;?)

  15. Whenever my husband is asked a question by someone he looks at me before answering, like I am supposed to ok what he says by osmosis, and that’s only if I can figure out what he is going to say in the first place. Mind reading, who knew.

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