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Long Long Ago, Last Year

The other day, I fixed Sean some bean dip and I handed him a bean dip cracker — or what the rest of the world calls a saltine — to eat with it. As I handed him the cracker, he gave me a big smile and exclaimed, “Oh! Thank you! I used to eat these kind of crackers when I was a baby!”

Yes, way way back in 2005; the olden days.

10 thoughts on “Long Long Ago, Last Year

  1. That particular line will be around awhile. I hear it from both of mine when an ‘old’ treat comes up. Like a familair veggietales song suddenly played at a friends visit or a candy that my son hadn’t seen around in a few..months ROTFLOL!!!!!

  2. Isn’t it just too cute when they say that? Amazing they can remember so many years back, right? My four years olds had quite the babyhood the way they remember similar things.

  3. I know this is about how a little child perceives time but my first thought was, “What a clever way to get him to eat beans!”

  4. Old people can remember 60 years ago, but not last year — Sean could get a job in Florida remembering things for seniors. And, besides being smart—he is also adorable!

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