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The (Flash) Light of Truth

Sean cannot keep a secret. This is not new. He has been ratting me out since before he could even talk.

In theory, Antique Daddy and I agree that it is not good to indulge the boy frequently with material things. In theory, we agree that he should not expect to get something every time we go to the store. But I am spineless weak woman when I find myself within ten yards of the $1 bins at Target. And at that distance, that theory seems rather silly in view of all the fun cheap stuff you can get for a dollar!! Where else can you buy joy for a dollar!? (Except maybe at The Dollar Store.)

So while we were shopping at Target the other day, something from the $1 bin hopped right into my cart and it just so happens that it was something that would delight the boy – a little Halloween flashlight with interchangeable faces!

I told Sean that Mommy was going to buy the flashlight but there was really no need to bother showing it to Daddy, that he was very busy working and that he didn’t really need to see it because, you know, he’s seen a lot of flashlights in his life and he wouldn’t be impressed. His big blue eyes lit up and he nodded his head vigorously in agreement. “Daddy busy wook-ing. I not bother Daddy!” he said as he snatched the flashlight out of my hands and clutched it to his chest.

As we pulled into the garage, I reminded my pint-sized cohort that Daddy was a busy man (busy earning the money that I am doing my best to blow through one dollar at a time) and that we shouldn’t bother him with our little flashlight, okiedokie?

“Okay! Daddy busy!” he exclaimed, shining the flashlight on my forehead to indicate he had fully absorbed my exhortation.

As I put the key in the door, I turned to Sean and put my index finger to my lips making the universal sign for silence. Sean nodded and responded knowingly by doing the same. Then he pushed the door open and ran into the house yelling, “Daddy when you’re done wook-ing, come see my new flashlight!”

20 thoughts on “The (Flash) Light of Truth

  1. Oh that was really funny! Of course, it was inevitable. Secrets and little boys don’t always work. When my husband asks my little guy what he did while he (dad) was out of town, my son has been known to say, “Well, I played and read. And mom got lots of boxes from the UPS man.” Sigh… so much for my plan to smuggle things into the house when no one’s looking!

  2. Kids are little rat finks. And it really isn’t your fault, Target is evil, how can you possibly resist all the cute and entertaining things for so cheap?

  3. That is good. Let me tell you my mom’s favorite trick. She would buy something and put it in the basement for awhile. Then, weeks or months later she would pull it out and use it or decorate with it. My dad would say, “Oh, you got something new.” Mom would reply, “Oh, that, I’ve had that for a long time.” I do not follow in her footsteps…but my sister on the other hand….

  4. SO FUNNYY!!! And the reason it is so funny is that it is absolute truth!!! I cannot do anything around here without it being immediately reported to my husband. Now…why in the world can’t I get him to tell me what happens at school??? It is like Fort Knox the way information about what happens during those eight hours is guarded!!!

  5. Kids are squealers. And they catch on quickly about what is is you are trying to slide by the eyes of others. You just can’t trust them, I tell you!

  6. Bless him. That’s so funny. In my experience kids will almost always do the opposite of what you ask if you’re trying to be clever and scheming like that. I think they have a radar for it or something.

  7. How funny! Recently, my daughter and I shared the last brownie. I thought including her might help her keep it quiet. A few minutes later, Daddy came in and asked where the brownies went. She told him, “Mom ate them.”

  8. It is a well know fact around our house that Jackson cannot keep a secret. We have found that it is just better not to tell him anything. If he knows it is a secret, he will tell it every time.

  9. I have a similar problem with the kids telling family members their gifts that I had bought before they had a chance to open them. So I started feeding them false info. They had their dad convinced he had a new Xbox every holiday for a year. I finally gave in and got one for him after a year of torture.

  10. Got to love the honesty! In a few years you’ll be begging to know if he ate the last of the cake or snuck a girl into his room and all you’ll get is a grunt or a shrug. Enjoy the truth!!

  11. Monday after a long day of shopping, the ONLY thing that Ryan put away was the Christmas present we had bought my husband. Of course he showed it to him on the way to the secret hiding place.

    He’s 7 – it doesn’t get any better with age.

  12. It is funny in a little childs way but those little secrets become a big deal when they grow up. Man I have a friend who did that all the time with her daughter growing up, she is a young adult now and I had to make her mother tell her dad she is ENGAGED! She wanted to keep it a secret until a month before the wedding! Her mother is sorry now that she played those games with her for sure lol.
    I love that he was excited to tell his daddy!

  13. I was at Target this very morning to replace a much-loved pair of sunglasses that I think are in the great toybox in the sky now, and was lured into the dollar section where I immediately saw that very same flashlight. I had to laugh — my husband is working at home today and I could totally imagine having the exact same experience, so I learned from your story.

    Instead, I spent a dollar on a purse shaped like a box of take-out Chinese food. Don’t tell, okay?

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