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September Rain

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Sunday afternoon brought a warm and gentle (and much needed) rain to North Texas. Sean and I celebrated by grabbing our umbrellas and strolling around the neighborhood, making sure to stomp in every puddle along the way.

Too few are days such as these.

21 thoughts on “September Rain

  1. Owlhaven – You’re so sweet! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the dangers of gossipping about other bloggers in the comments section of other blogs (which I never saw until recently), but it’s especially sweet to “overhear” a compliment like that one (especially when both you and AM are bloggers who consistently have a humbling effect on me).

    Antique Mommy (I suppose I should comment on your post, since this IS your blog, and all) – As an inveterate rain-hater, I’ve been learning from the Bub how to appreciate rain: to him, it’s like the greatest treat – water! coming from the sky! – whereas to me it has always seemed profoundly unnatural and kind of nightmarish – water! coming from the sky! I always liked the idea that in Eden, the soil was watered by its own natural irrigation, without the need for rain.

  2. I just love that photo of the two of you and your umbrellas. Sweet, sweet. It rained here yesterday, too, but had it been just a few degrees colder, I think we’d have had our first snow! Way too cold to play in it. You two are lucky to have warm rain to play in. 🙂

  3. It’s such fun to remember a time when I played in the rain with my grandsons and taught them how to make the biggest splashes in the puddles. (You have to jump with both feet flat footed in the middle) I, also, taught them the joys of skinny-dipping in our secluded pond, rolling limestone rocks into a cistern that could have been dangerous if we had not filled it in and the wonders of clearing the woodland nearby. I thought for a while that I was creating a pyromaniac in the oldest boy. He would rake and burn with way too big rubber gloves (to keep from poison ivy) with the gleam of a criminal in his eyes. Nothing you do with a child (that allows them out of the box) is ever wasted! Great fun, great picture!

  4. Awwww…such fun! I can’t wait to do those kinds of things with Justice. He already loves the rain and whever it rains I stick his little hand out and let him feel it. He can somewhat say rain to–it comes out “Rayyyyy” So cute! Glad to have found your blog!

  5. I just love the smell of new rain as the parched earth soaks up every single drop. what beeter way to celebrate than take a walk in it…It still raining here in Bombay city, has been since June…. (it the monsoons here)…

    Enjoy these beautiful and precious moments with your son every single chance you get……..

  6. The same rain you had today came through Central Texas last night. We had a 2 hour power outtage and played with our cell phones out of boredom. Could have used Sean’s new flashlight.

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