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Home Again Home Again

Does anyone else find vacations exhausting, or is it just me?

We just returned from spending seven days in San Francisco, our favoritest of cities. On the plus side, we got to see some dear friends, do some hiking out on Pt. Reyes (where a family of deer bounded by right in front of us), see the sights, enjoy sleeping with the windows open, walk on the beach, feel good about our mortgage and eat, eat, eat and eat some more. We were all set to move there until we found not one restaurant that understood the true meaning of chips and salsa – and that was a deal breaker.

On the negative side, on the flight out I was convinced that two suspiciously nervous guys were terrorists. I spent the entire three-hour flight eating Tums like popcorn and clutching my smuggled nail file in my coat pocket and praying. I was ready for a Sally Hansen-style duel where I ended up landing the plane or they ended up with a bad manicure. Either way.

The other bummer was that the second day we were there, someone hi-jacked our credit card number and went on an $800 spending spree at Wal-Mart. As if someone could outspend me at Wal-Mart! The hoist was discovered when we tried to pay our dinner bill and the card was rejected. The waiter was nonplussed at our display of astonishment. When we indignantly informed him that this had NEVER happened to us before, his expression told us he’d heard that one before. Although it was true, it sounded false even to me, so I didn’t blame him.

Joining the credit card crud in the negative column, I lost my new sunglasses in Golden Gate park, our washing machine broke as soon as we got home with three suitcases of dirty laundry and now my computer is PMSing. And I am tired.

But, then as I’m looking through my pictures, there is this:

A little boy who was thrilled with every new thing — a bar of hotel soap, jumping on the hotel bed, a seashell, the “go-go-gay” bridge, a pinecone. I am tired. And it was totally worth it.

Photo temporarily removed.

28 thoughts on “Home Again Home Again

  1. It always is worth it, isn’t it? To answer your question, yes, I always find vacationing exhausting as well. We did a 23 hour trip from Iowa to Montana this summer … in the car … with 4 kids under the age of 8. Ages 8, 5, 2, and 1 to be exact. WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF FRUSTRATION!!!

    Glad you’re back!

  2. Please, I can’t stand the suspense, how was Sean on the plane this year?! Reading about your last year’s flight reminded me of travelling with my son who is a similar age. I’m afraid to do it again!!! Worse, I’m afraid the airline remembers us…

  3. I’m so sad we missed you on this trip. =( If we’d seen you IRL we would’ve totally hooked up you up with chips & salsa & homemade guac, tortillas & sangria, cause that’s how we roll. (And my family’s hispanic, so it’s a pride thang.)

    I bet you did feel good about your mortgage though.

    Yes, these trips are exhausting, but worth it.

  4. This picture makes it all so worth it. I do hope it all goes better for you now that your home. Try to get some rest. Isn’t it funny that as mom’s to toddlers we would say things like try to get some rest after going on a vacation?

  5. I’ve always said that Moms need a vacation from vacation. Post traumatic vacation disorder seems to be some kind of epidemic with us.

    Glad to have you back, what a cutie Sean is!

  6. Glad you’re back and glad to hear the trip was (for the most part) a success.

    I totally agree with you on the exhaustion part. Aren’t we supposed to come back refreshed and rested??

  7. It took me a minute to figure this out.

    For a minute I thought it was a homosexual thing – you know – San Fransciso and all.

    I was getting ready to google what a go-go-gay bridge looked like.

    Yep, it’s Friday.

  8. Perri got it too. Go-go-gay Bridge in SF? Of course! Where else would it be? Welcome home, hope the computer and washing machine cooperate. Disappointing chips and salsa can totally ruin a vacation, can’t they?! Happy recovering!

  9. He is so darling, AM. I’m glad you had a nice trip (despite the c/c fraud, the lost sunglasses and the broken washing machine you came home to). Vacations are wonderful but it’s ALWAYS nice to be home again. Welcome back!

  10. Just put your mother on the credit card deal and she will foist them out into the open.

    So glad to have you back, even if it was to a broken washing machine and a PMSing computer. (At least it’s not you PMSing.)

    Look on the bright side, you get to buy new glasses, you don’t HAVE to do laundry until the machine is repaired and you have a great excuse to go out to eat – to eat some delicious, authentic chips and salsa.

    And that Sean is a dream…

  11. We love, love, love SF too! Did you go to Scoma’s? We totally ate and walked, and ate and walked, and ate and walked some more. Nothing like eating and walking in SF. It’s so neat you got to have your little man with you!

  12. If I were fabulously wealthy, I would live in SF. It’s my favorite city, too. And yes, vacations are exhausting. I’ve always said you need a vacation to get over a vacation, and I don’t even have a child yet.

  13. I love your blog, haven’t commented before, but since you were just next door last week (we’re even further west than Pt. Reyes)…sorry we missed you…glad you met our deer! Won’t even step into the deep guac on the CA/TX chip and salsa divide. I do read housing prices in other places like fairy tales. San Francisco and West Marin have been amazing places to live and raise children, economic prudence and good sense aside. We just try to remember to be grateful we get to wake up everyday where other people come for vacation. And then get our asses to work to pay for it!

  14. Out of the mouths of babes… go-go-gay bridge is the perfect name for the Golden Gate.
    Happy recovery! And sic your mother on the credit card fraud thing! As I recall, she was rather good at it.

  15. You got to SF just as I was leaving. I just returned home from my first plane ride with an 11 month old and I’m not so sure it was worth it because he was miserable most of the time and left with a virus. But I’m glad you got to enjoy The City because it is the best place in the world, IMHO.

    And go-go-gay Bridge? Perfect.

  16. What a beautiful picture!

    Stolen Credit Card … $800.00
    Broken Washing Machine … probably about $300
    New experiences through the eyes of a child … priceless.

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