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Things For Which I Need To Apologize #32

Dear Mom,

I was wrong. It turns out that “because I said so” really is a good answer.

My sincerest apologies,

Antique Daughter

14 thoughts on “Things For Which I Need To Apologize #32

  1. You’re just at the TIP of the iceberg. Keep the template for this post — you’re going to need it! 🙂 I may need to borrow it, too!

  2. I was 36 when i had my first child and 41 when I had my last. I am SOOO “Antique mommy”, too. enjoying reading your journal, marked it and going to come back.

  3. You made me Laugh Out Loud, for real. How true, even though I hate to admit it at times, it’s probably one of the best answers there is!

  4. I do remember forgiving my mother for many things that I thought were so “lame” after my first child was born… turns out we all just do the best we can and by goll, “Because I said so…” is a kick-booty answer!

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