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How To Get A Raise In Your Allowance

By Sean

When you are sitting in your mom’s lap while she is at the computer checking her Site Meter, and the picture below pops up, ask “Mommy, is that you?”

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18 thoughts on “How To Get A Raise In Your Allowance

  1. I’ve been lurking here for awhile, but had to come out of lurking mode to comment on this. What a cutie! He definitely deserves a raise!

  2. I keep trying to figure out why they advertise underwear. I have NEVER, ONCE bought a pair of underwear because of how they looked on a model! Who brutalizes themselves like that! I wish we’d ban the darned ads everywhere!

  3. Isn’t that the best? My daughter points out women much more attractive than I could ever hope to be on T.V. and in ads and will say, “Look, there’s Mommy!”

    There’s no one more beautiful than your Mama!

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