Antique Daddy, Use Your Words

Nature Call

Little known fact: The Navajo invented their super-secret code not to throw off the other Indians, but because they had toddlers. Everyone with a toddler knows that they are omniscient — they see all, hear all and are acutely aware of all. Navajo code is the only way to keep information, which they will use against you, out of their hands.

This past weekend we stayed in a hotel and we were enjoying breakfast in the dining room when Antique Daddy leans over to me and almost inaudibly whispers, “Nature calls. I’m going back to the room.”

As Antique Daddy makes his way towards the door, Sean announces to the other diners, “DADDY’S GOING ON A NATURE CALL!”

Anyone know Navajo for Nature Call?

13 thoughts on “Nature Call

  1. “I need to see a man about a horse?” Well, that could backfire, too, lol. “Gotta go do my duty.” No, not good either.
    When all else fails, try computer lingo, hehe “I need to go download.”

  2. My nephew learned “I need to see a man about a horse” from his grandfather. Sometime later, he announced rather loudly, “I need to see a man about a race-horce.” All the tables nearby were filled with convulsive laughter as the little guy ran to the restroom.

  3. Golly, I love that kid! How about, “Excuse me, please?” of “I’ll be right back.” or “This cat’s going to the sandbox!”

  4. LoveBug zinged me today in public. I caved and took him to McDonald’s for lunch. While dining he piped up out of the blue to declare, “I wish you would never, ever get mad at me again Momma!”

    A fellow diner dialed her cell phone.

    My heart began pounding, fearing that child protective services might pull into the parking lot at any moment.

  5. So funny… say the cutest most honest things…and then think nothing of it….although you on the other hand were sitting there trying not to laugh

  6. Just remember you will have the last laugh. I’m glad you wrote it down. Remember that someday he will be 16 and trying to impress that cute cheerleader, and that teenagers embarrass easier than parents. Aha…the smile is creeping across your face right now, isn’t it?

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