20 thoughts on “Texas…

  1. I am trying, but there is no possible way to make pants rhyme with saints. I’ve been to Texas, once, and I can’t even imagine.

    Cute post.

  2. I think perhaps you and I should give a Southern primer. You can add the Texas and I’ll bring the Georgia. Paints-Saints southern speak requires you to really reach.

  3. very cute. but as an oklahoman, I must tell y’all to get your vowels back in line. 😉

    thought of you yesterday. my mary engelbreit calendar had the following quote:

    “you can learn many things from children. how much patience you have, for instance.” -franklin p. adams

    made me chuckle.

  4. that’s EXACTLY how my boys prnounce it! drives me nuts. had no idea it was a state-wide problem.

    thank you for your generous hostessing this weekend!

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