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A Little Boy Like Me

Today Sean and I had a number of errands to run, which of course, included a trip to – you guessed it – Wal-Mart! But today, we did not go to our own personal Wal-Mart, the one that is one block away from our house, we went to the Wal-Mart that is one mile away. We are adventurous like that.

This Wal-Mart has a McDonalds in it and in a moment of weakness, as we were leaving the store, I agreed to stop in for breakfast. Anytime there is a possibility that my son will ingest food, I make the most of it. After we got our food, Sean chose a table by a window that looks out into the lobby of the store where the carts and the greeter are located.

As we were sitting there like two fish in a bowl eating our McFood, Sean starts making observations about the people who are coming and going.

“That lady’s in a hurry!” he said as a lady grabbed a cart and headed into the store like a racehorse.

“Sure enough,” I responded.

“That man has a hole in his paints. He needs new paints.”

“Maybe he’s going in the store to buy new pants,” I offered.

“That woman looks sad! Why is that woman sad?”

I looked at her. She did look as though the world were resting on her shoulders.

“I don’t know why she’s sad Sweetie,” I said, impressed with his astute observation.

He cocked his head and touched my forearm and said, “Maybe because she doesn’t have a little boy like me.”

Gulp. Tears instantly stung my eyes.

“Maybe so,” I said. “I was sad when I didn’t have a little boy like you.”

“Yeah” he said.

And then he shoved an entire biscuit in his mouth.

29 thoughts on “A Little Boy Like Me

  1. Isn’t it awesome when our little men melt our hearts like that? I get this one all the time, “Did you miss me, Mommy?” Days like this are good, ’cause they remind us that we’re doing SOMETHING right, non? 😀

  2. Shame on you! You had me in tears right here in the office…

    Of course, we won’t mention anything about why I’m reading blogs at the office instead of doing productive work or anything.


  3. Between this post and the last one, I wish I could borrow Sean for a while! But maybe at the very least my own little boy will say cute things when he gets a bit older.

  4. I think you will know that I mean this is the best possible way: That little boy of yours? I could just eat him up. Yup, like a biscuit.

  5. O.k.,…last nite you made me laugh, tonite I am close to tears… (good tears!) Wow a Mcdonalds? Mine ( can you believe I have 3 in a 15 mile radius!?) We have a Dunkin Donuts (yeah coffee and shopping!), Subway, and a Stewarts. Looking forward to more stories!

  6. Those are some great observations for a little boy. How nice that he said maybe she doesn’t have a little boy like me. That really touched my heart.

  7. Makes me think of my 5-year-old son. Little boys hold their mommies’ hearts in the palms of their hands, don’t they? My oldest (now 20) told me once, “Mommy, I’m your hero.” You got it, babe.

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