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Someone’s Pants Are On Fire

The other day we were driving in the car and off in the distance, we saw a hang glider floating and bobbing across the sky. We pointed it out to Sean who craned his neck to see. “Oh! A hang gwider!” he said, “I used to do that!”

Antique Daddy and I exchange glances.

“Or really?” I say “Is that so?”


“When did you hang glide?”

“When I was at my farm. I would hang gwide and go way, way up in the sky and then come down – boom! – in the field and then I would get on my bicycle and wide away.”

“Wow. I didn’t know that. Is that true?”

“No. I just made it up.”

Okay then. So he either has a career as a politician. Or a mother.

15 thoughts on “Someone’s Pants Are On Fire

  1. (First of all, I want you to know that I will never read the word “pants” the same way ever again)…

    Your son is just adorable. What an imagination! Forget politician…he just may be a wonderful writer, just like his mom!

    Back in the day when my daughter was an adorable, sweet little 3 year old, she excitedly came running into my bedroom to tell me to come quick! She needed to show me someone in the yard. When I asked her who it was, she said “It’s Jesus!!” I chuckled to myself and said, “Oh that’s nice, Honey! What’s Jesus doing?” She told me, “He’s building a bench!”

    Now, this wouldn’t be quite so strange if she had been brought up Christian. But her father was Jewish and I was a non-practicing Catholic and I couldn’t remember one conversation that I had with her where I mentioned that Jesus was a carpenter!

    Oh, BTW…no one was there when I went to look. But I never saw the “lady with the blue hair” in my dining room or the “lady and the man” walking down my bedroom hall, either. Do toddlers see angels?!?

  2. He is a very perceptive little boy. You must really be teaching him well. I didn’t even know kids could think in the abstract at this age. That is great. He will probably one day be able to write like you. You have a gift and I think Sean may have it too.

  3. My nephew used to tell my sister in law about all of the adventures he and his little brother (6 years younger) had while they were still in their mom’s tummy!

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