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Thoughts On A Third Birthday Party

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Earlier in the week, I reminded Sean that his third birthday was coming up and I asked him what he would like for his birthday. “Oh, some party hats,” he said. “Is that all?” I asked. “Some balloons too would be nice,” he added. Oh that his desires might always be so simple. It won’t be long before the world will be too much with him, late and soon, as one of my favorite poets, Wordsworth wrote.

So, we have party hats and balloons. And even a gift. As you can see from the picture, I’m kind of the anti-Martha. Wrapping presents is not my specialty. My theory is, and I’m hoping I’m right on this, no one remembers the wrapping. Heck, unless it’s a car most of the time no one even remembers the present by the next day. If I’m wrong, well, that’ll give him one more thing to talk about in therapy. That and the fact his 46-year-old mother was the youngest person at his party.

16 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Third Birthday Party

  1. Not a wrapper either. Or a rapper – if you want to get into homophones.

    Last birthday, my 10 year old ripped off the wrapping in .28 seconds flat and then still played with the box that one of her gifts came in. I think you’ll be just fine and Sean will be therapy-free after this little shindig.

  2. This makes me feel a bit better about Caiden’s third birthday–I was a million months pregnant and just couldn’t swallow the idea of a bonafide party. We ate dinner at Chuck E Cheese and called it a birthday. He’s not too terribly scarred šŸ™‚

  3. I love the Wordsworth line. Soon enough he’ll be the one reminding you that it’s his birthday and then he’ll present you with the Toys-R-Us catalog with 17 things circled in black marker. Or maybe you can keep him loving simple things and not caring about the wrappings of life for just a little while longer…

  4. Happy Birthday to the little one! Appreciate the times when a party hat will please him. I remember when my Girlie sat on Santa’s lap and asked for fruit and pasta. Now it’s all electronics. Sigh.

  5. I had a whopping FIVE people at Harry’s first birthday, not including the birthday boy himself. We had a cake. Three presents. No balloons. And no fanfare.

    I figure I can start out by setting his expectations low. Less to disappoint later.

  6. I love wrapping, but I’m way cheap so I just recycle. For my daughter’s third birthday – last week – I wrapped her little handful of presents in her own artwork. She comes home with a couple of paintings a week on that big newsprint…it’s too big too keep, so I’ve just started using it as wrapping paper.

    PS All she wanted was pink cupcakes.

  7. Unfortunately for me, I am a Martha Stewart devotee and a wrapper extraordinaire. It really puts the pressure on to keep up your standards, but your present looks like just the ticket for Sean. He will be excited and happy to have the paper hats, balloons and a present, too! Beside all that, he has you, Cupcake! What a lucky little boy.

  8. I despise big huge, $$ birthday parties. Inevitably someone is throwing a fit, the bday child is running around SOMEWHERE at the party place and there are so many kids no one knows what party is for whom.

    I love the simplicity of Sean’s party and somehow I think this is something he will always have. He is being raised by parents who teach him the beauty of the moment….and he will always seek THOSE types of moments.

  9. I share your wrapping style. My M-I-L turns wrapped gifts into works of art and then I feel like a jerk for not taking the time to care or to make the ordinary special.

  10. I love hats at a party….at Miller’s first birthday I have him a hat that says Birthday Boy on it….I cant wait for him to wear it. 11/29…is the big 1st Birthday….

  11. I also do not really pay much attention to wrapping the present. The kids just tear the paper off and are more excited with the present than the wrapper. So, who care about the wrapping.

    As my eldest daughter is six, I have been organising a couple of kids party and like to share with you some Child Birthday Party Tips. Hope this is useful.

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