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Because I’m Juvenile

This notice at the TopblogArea site:

TopblogArea > parents
We are currently recoding our toplist software which means some functions doesnt work, please bare with us.

* * * *

I’m sure the folks at Topblog Area are nice and all and they did ask nicely, but I think I’ll keep my clothes on just the same. I won’t even bother to mock the creative use of the word doesnt.

15 thoughts on “Because I’m Juvenile

  1. Lovin’ ya and your proofreading self all the more — and that is precisely why I NEVER ask anyone to bear with me. I can’t ever remember if you’re supposed to be a large, furry, hibernating animal, or naked.

  2. Nice to know that I’m not some kind of “English freak” like Da Hubby says I am! Glad to hear other people notice that kind of stuff, too!

  3. LOL! Obvious errors like those bug me, too! I majored in music but seriously considered majoring in English and actually worked as a proofreader at one point.

  4. What irks me most is that they are on the INTERNET for goodness’ sakes. If you don’t know…LOOK IT UP!

    Although, when you live in a country where your President continually says things like “internets” and “the Google,” not to mention “nucular”…I guess you can understand. Sort of.

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