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Housekeeper Day

We have some workers come to our house occasionally. I don’t know why I’m telling you they are workers — they are housekeepers, but that just sounds so pretentious and there is nothing I hate more than pretension.

At any rate, these ladies are good, trustworthy people and they do a good job. I kneel on my clean floor and worship at their feet. They help me keep my sanity and therefore I think they should be covered by insurance, but like Belgium chocolate or Pinot Grigio, they are not. And they should be. I should be able to get a prescription for them. Doseage: 3 nice ladies/1x a week. Take with cleaning products.

Where am I going with this?

Okay, that is to say. We don’t keep a lot of valuables around our house, but nonetheless I always nag remind Antique Daddy when it’s housekeeper day and I tell him to be sure to remove his money clip from his vanity.

Not because I don’t totally trust “the workers” but because I believe that even good people can be tempted. And then, if something did go missing that would be bad and awkward and why not just avoid it all together and put your dang money up?


Last week when the housekeepers arrived, I let them in and Sean announces, “It’s housekeeper day! Better put your money up!”

After which I disintegrated into the dust from whence I came. Being the good housekeepers they are, they swept me up and then brushed their hands together three times in a manner that says “And that takes care of that!”

And now I’m seeking a prescription for perpetual embarrassment.

Aside: I am totally bothered that my 3-year-old is aware of and uses the phrase “housekeeper day.” Yet, not bothered enough to clean my house myself.

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  1. Oh he didn’t say that did he?? Men can be so daft sometimes. Maybe tip them a little to make up for it and mention that your husband has a drink now and again and can’t be responsible for what he says…..

  2. LOL! Kids sure do know when to say the wrong thing at the wrong time lol. Lucky you though, I wish I could have a housekeeper day! My house really needs it lol. I’m thinking of asking for that for Christmas.

  3. I suggest the hasty removal of Sean on housekeepers day. And definitely blame it on Antique Daddy. He’s strong enough to take it, right?

    “And now I’m seeking a prescription for perpetual embarrassment.” It’s called wine. Lots and lots of wine. And chocolate too. And not letting Sean talk again until he’s 20. Nope. He’ll most likely say something then too.

  4. Luckily, sanity and embarrassment have the same prescription: Pinot Grigio and Blegium chocolate.

    Of course, now you’re going to have to start spelling in front of Sean: It’s H-O-U-S-E-K-E-E-P-E-R D-A-Y. P-U-T your M-O-N-E-Y A-W-A-Y.

    You should be done communicating by the time the housekeepers leave.

  5. Well today is my “housekeepers” day and while I, too, would feel the blush of embarrassment – not enough to cancel… 🙂 Gotta just love the innocent honesty that flows from the mouths of children… LOL And it always is a reminder to me just how much they listen and soak up what’s around them!

  6. RE: Having a housekeepr. I say NO EMBARASSMENT! You do what you have to do to keep your sanity–and you are giving those nice ladies a job! That’s what I tell myself.
    RE: Sean’s announcement…well, you can be embarassed there! 😉

  7. Housekeeper Day sounds so much better than
    “the Cleaning Ladies are HERE!!!” that my children screech out every other wednesday…..

  8. Housekeepers are pretty common in other cultures. It’s in America and the whole wacky feminist-be-all-you-can-be-and-10%-more that we try to do it all.

    Well, I think that is pretty mortifing! Oh my!

  9. Housekeepers are pretty common in other cultures. It’s in America and the whole wacky feminist-be-all-you-can-be-and-10%-more that we try to do it all.

    Well, I think that is pretty mortifing! Oh my!

  10. thank sean for me, i haven’t laughed that long or that hard for a long time! you just gotta love that kid!

  11. LOL!

    My boss (a 60+ yo man) always calls his housekeeper his “maid” – I think that is so weird, and way more pretentious than housekeeper – maid sounds like a live-in, not like a once a week (or two weeks) cleaning lady.

  12. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! That may be the best “Sean story” ever.

    We have a “worker” come every other week, and she actually calls HERSELF our “housekeeper”, which somehow doesn’t make me feel any better about it…

  13. My oldest daughter greeted a woman friend at the front door with, “Oh, you’re the lady whose kids mess the house up so badly!” I thought I would die, but here it is 45 years later and I am still here. Of course, you can afford to lose friends, but not good housekeepers!

  14. I think the terms housekeeper or maid either one is okay. I just don’ t like telling people I have a housekeeper – that sounds kind of snooty to me for some reason. Could just be my blue collar showing!

  15. I worked for a housecleaning service one summer. Nothing wrong with it. We have a curious idea of snobbery in our culture – wouldn’t it be a worse form of snobbery to NOT employ people when you can afford it and they need the work? So rest easy.

    My favorite story of this sort is from my sister, who had a man in to fix something at her house. He had a ponytail, and when her little girl asked why, he explained that he was an Indian. She piped up, “But Indians don’t have jobs!”

    My sister eventually recovered.

  16. Instantly I can think of the things my toddlers once said that made me leap out of my skin with open-mouthed horror and then wish I could somehow distance myself from them!!! Always funny in retrospect!!!
    I saw some toddlers today and wished I could join them (see blog 😉

  17. I have a housekeeping service while I’m pregnant (oh, glories of glories.) Tom isn’t old enough to embarass me in front of them just yet, but he does seem to have a poweful crush on the young, early 20’s blond housekeeper. He flirts SHAMELESSLY with her. It’s kind of weird.

  18. My jaw just dropped for the remainder of this post. How mortifying. There have been so few instances when I haven’t been able to explain, “Oh he MEANT…” when my 3 and a half year old has sad compromising things. However, THIS one is unrecoverable. And hilarious.

  19. Oh I love it. OUt of the mouth of babes. I will never forget I was playing a game with one said child in the store, and suddenly he got upset (because competivie Mommy won, hey I let them win sometimes). Well out came this whail and and he said “Stop beating me Mommy!!!

  20. Out of the mouths of babes! I totally agree with you about the insurance coverage. I never considered it before but my insurance covers chiropractic and frankly my back would feel SOOOO much better with a cleaning lady!

  21. I am presently with out cleaning angels. Here’s my deep dark secret, until recently I had someone come…every other day and she did my laundry. I justified the need because I was pseudo working and after I stopped I laid low and kept her. Once my secret got out, the joke became that anything I didn’t want to do I would just hire out. I’m still not convinced that’s such a bad thing.

    I feel your humiliation.

  22. Oy. Sean sure has a way with words, eh?

    But I agree things like chocolate and housekeepers should be covered under insurance. What a brilliant idea! I’ll take the matter to the insurance commissioner of my state.

  23. Sean? Is a genius. That to me, is the gist of that hilarious-yet-again story 🙂
    and girl, ITA that housekeepers=sanity and should be covered by insurance!

  24. ROFL! It’s always so funny when it’s someone else’s kid! 🙂 Have you recovered yet?
    Oh, and try this one. I, of course, have an African househelper (since I live in Africa) who comes 5 days/week, from 9 to 4 which includes a lunch break and lunch. She gets a month’s paid vacation in summer plus all holidays with pay (both Christian and Muslim holidays). Ilsa asked if she were our slave!! OUCH! Of course she doesn’t speak English, but the French form (eslav) is pretty close!

  25. hahaha…funny!
    Amazing how different our cultures are. In my country NOT having a maid is the exception. Since I lived for the past 5 yrs in the US I “learnt” not to have one, and so I didn

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