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The Number One Reason You Don’t Want To Be Eaten By A Bear

Today Sean and I went to our local library. We like to go there several times a week. We choose a row of books and camp out on the floor randomly picking out books to read. The library for us is a literary buffet – we take a helping of whatever appeals to the eye and we don’t feel guilty if doesn’t suit our tastes and we don’t finish it.

So, today, we pulled out someone’s version of The Three Bears.

AM: When she woke up, she saw three bears staring down at her and she jumped out of bed and ran out of the house and into the forest and was never seen again.

Sean: Why did she do that? Why did she run away?

AM: Maybe she was afraid the bears would want to eat her.

Sean: Yeah! Then she would be bear POOP!

And then someone three rows over snorted.

19 thoughts on “The Number One Reason You Don’t Want To Be Eaten By A Bear

  1. I know. He’s obsessed with all things poo-poo except for doing it himself on the potty. The other day he told me he was going to get a job at the zoo scooping up the elephant poop. Oh well, I guess you gotta have goals.

  2. I just love that child! He certainly gets right to the nitty-gritty of things. Perhaps, he is going to be a gastroenterologist. There is lots of money in poop or lack thereof!

  3. I would have laughed out loud and gotten myself kicked out of the place, I’m sure.

    On vacation this year, we went to a place that has a floor below sea level, and you can look at all the fish and other creatures hanging out in the harbour. This gorgeous salmon goes swimming by, and Monkey says (in a typical loud 5 year old voice) “Mmmmm… He looks YUMMY!”

    The people around us were in stitches.

  4. That would have been me snorting from three rows over. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. LOL. I have to tell you I can not look or even think of cinnamon sugar without thinking about Sean.

    Here’s to Bear poop!

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