Your Personal Tuna Shopper

While I was in Tuna recently, as a service to my readers, I scoured the retail landscape looking for this year’s must-have holiday gift for that very special someone in your life who has everything. No need to thank me.

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Today’s featured item is this one of a kind hand crafted item made completely of seashells! Place him jauntily atop the washer or beside the sofa on the front porch to welcome visitors. Nothings says You Are Special like a seashell Collie. $17.50. Shipping not included.

Check back throughout the season for more weird crap one of a kind hard to find speciality items shipped directly to your doorstep from downtown Tuna.

Antique Mommy
Your Personal Tuna Shopper

21 thoughts on “Your Personal Tuna Shopper

  1. How sneaky of you Antique Mommy posting this wonderful to die for gift in hopes that someone ( Antique Daddy perhaps? )will secretly buy this for you….. Wouldn’t it look lovely on your night table????

  2. My first thought when I saw this was that it was a replica of Reveille, Tx A&M mascot. It would be the perfect gift for the Aggie who has everything (except perhaps good taste) Now you simply must tell us the “real” name of Tuna because we all want to purchase this lovely work of art!

  3. I made that. Do you have a problem with it? Do I detect a bit of sarcasm in your post? And if I could think of one way to convince you that I really made it and had it placed in Tuna, I’d keep up the charade.

  4. Sorry, but I think I have to buy that just for the laugh factor.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I emailed that picture to all of my friends.

  5. I am also delurking on this post…Too, too funny. I was actually given a jewelry box made of shells once. It was lovely. But at least it wasn’t a collie. My, my.

  6. I’m reading along with a smile on my face and then hit the “wierd crap” and just about spewed my drink all over the desk!!!
    you crack me up every time I’m here!!

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