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Complementary Psychosis

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The major difference between Antique Daddy and me is that he will patiently spend six hours fixing a 98 cent strand of Christmas lights whereas I would wad them up, hurl them across the room, stomp on them and then head to Wal-Mart for more.

Complementary psychosis. That’s what makes this marriage work.

19 thoughts on “Complementary Psychosis

  1. And me? I might think hmmmmm. Maybe just a lit candle would work.

    Just kidding. There’s something magical about all that stuff when little ones are part of it all.

  2. “They” say you can tell a lot about a man by the way he handles tangled Christmas lights. My husband’s exactly the same way. His amount of patience – for everything – baffles me.

    Thank goodness “they” don’t say you can tell a lot about a WOMAN by the way she handles tangled Christmas lights. (Because I’m just like you.) I guess we’re allowed to have temper tantrums over things like that, and no one can say a word. 😉

  3. A couple of my kids are big enough now to have inherited the annual tradition of untangling, fixing and stomping on the lights. I’m feeling fine about that!

  4. OOOOHHHH how vividly I remember the excitement of putting up the Christmas tree and begging mom to let me throw…errrr carefully place that tinsel trash on the tree only to have all the excitement interupted by my dad snorting and flipping out about the lights being tangled…I never understood why he didn’t anticipate it after all he’s the one who just tossed them into the box the year before – BIG SURPRISE!

    It drove me to be an obsessive compulsive control freak when it comes to the Christmas lights – however IF my system should ever fail I will without hesitation toss those bloomin’ things and go get more….so I’m with ya on that!

  5. If Az touches the Christmas lights, we all leave the room. The kids don’t need to hear that kind of language.

    Az shows a similar doggedness about tracking down information, though. I can occupy him for days by asking obscure questions. A couple months ago I said, “Honey, what did English speakers call the color orange before the fruit was discovered?” It was like firing a starting pistol.

    He cannot argue with me when his mind is occupied with such things. It’s great for a marriage.

  6. The difference between hubby and me is that I would have put them away in a mess and he would NEVER DARE. So there is never any untangling to do in this household.
    For heavens sake, it sure would spice things up a bit. Untangling, I mean. Doesn’t even have to be lights.

  7. Yes….Scott is the same way…that is why we bought a pre lit tree last year at Dillards… worth not go going to therapy

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