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A Peemo Boat

Last year, it was the chicken wipes mystery, which was later solved, thanks to my astute readers who are fluent in toddlerese. Last years chicken wipes are this years ticket whites. We are making progress.

This year’s mystery phrase is Peemo Boat.

When I ask Sean what he wants for Christmas, he will say, “A boat.” And then I say, “What kind of boat?” And then he says, “A Peemo Boat.” And then I say “A Peemo boat?” and walk away scratching my head.

Anyone have any idea what a Peemo boat is? You’ve got 24 days to figure it out.

* * *

This mystery remains unsolved:

43 thoughts on “A Peemo Boat

  1. I’m dead serious when I say/write, you should totally record him saying it and then post it for us to hear. If I hear it I may be able to decipher it. I was once able to determine that “tuh-puh-o” was Turtle Power! from Ninja Turtles (and that was waaaay before I had kids).

  2. Hmm. Some variation of speed boat? Or speedy boat? Or speedo boat?

    Yeah OK – I don’t have a clue.

  3. WOW. That’s a tough one. My husband is a wanna be boat afficianado, and I can’t think of a single type of boat that would match this description. Methinks this may not be a boat at all.

    A coat? A float? A goat? A moat? A Shoat? A Tote?

    Sorry…that’s how I play boggle. Well uh…good luck.

    The Chicken Wipes thing was hilarious. I can’t wait to hear when you figure this one out.

  4. I asked my 2-year-old for you. I thought he might be able to help. Here’s how that conversation went:
    Me: C, What’s a peemo boat?
    C: No Peemo boat.
    Me: But what is a peemo boat?
    C: We need to vote.

    Sorry. I tried.

  5. Okay, makes me think of “Primo”. Maybe he just wants an awesome boat!! Do you use that phrase, “Oh, that was primo!”

    Yeah, I know — my kids are older, so we’re going through the, “I saw it on a commercial and it can go on land and water and flies and makes my lunch. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!! No, I have no idea what it’s called.”

    Calls to mind another story about my daughter — wanted a treasure chest. That’s all she would say. Treasure chest. I had NO idea. I got her something that I thought would suffice as a treasure chest. All wrong, of course. I have since seen that there exists a treasure chest that comes with all sorts of dress-up clothes. Why, why, why is communication with a toddler so hard?

  6. “Peemo Boat” is obviously toddlerese for “Barnes and Noble gift certificate” says my husband.

    Me? Not a clue. Maybe it’s something he’s seen on TV?

  7. Since I have 3 toddlers, I can SOOOOO appreciate this post (and the chicken wipes story…hilarious) but I am stumped. My first thought was Nemo boat, that led to billy goat. sorry, but cannot wait to see what it turns out to be.

  8. On the way to pick up my daughter from her friend’s house, I asked my 5 year old son:

    “Thad, what is a ‘peemo boat?'”
    “I don’t know, Mommy. What is it?”
    “I don’t know either. That’s why I asked you.”

    “Maybe it’s a VIKING boat. Can you turn on ‘Who Let the Dog’s Out?’ Can I go inside Abby’s house? When will Daddy be home? Did you bring my juice?”

    And thus ended our exploration of what Sean might be saying. . .but the remote boat from Jennifer looks good to me.

  9. The husband says this might be a time for him to learn you don’t always get what you want.

    I think this is the right time for you to take him to Target and ask him to show you the Peemo Boat so you can tell Santa about it.

  10. Maybe some kind of “remote” control boat? Are there any commercials advertising one? That is where my 3 yr old comes up with some of her odd requests. Right now, she wants to eat at the Olive Garden, and asks quite often when we are taking her to “the grape place”.

    Just be sure you are recording all of these great mystery pronunciations. Some day we will miss them! šŸ™‚ I dread the day Natalie no longer requests “breakstest” (breakfast).

  11. My ideas were centered around BRAND names like “Little People” or “Weebles”. “Nemo” was a good guess, too. “Noah” doesn’t really sound like “Peemo”…does it? as in Noah’s ark (boat)?


    Yah, the Chicken lites story was HILARIOUS!
    My #1 said “La La Kah” for Santa claus. Still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. šŸ˜€

  12. My only thought right now is that it’s not a boat at all, but you should hold up a toy boat and ask him. And yes, play the “gotta make sure Santa knows what it is” card. In toddlerese I think “b’s” are often really “m’s” so I’m thinking along the reMote lines also here. Is there a character he likes that starts with “B”? B’s easily become P’s.

    I’ll keep thinking.

    And that Chicken Wipes posts nearly made me lose my coffee. You will be able to bribe him with that one starting at age 10 and going right through adulthood.

  13. The chicken wipes story was hilarious. Love it. I’m laughing out loud. As far as the Peemo boat…my daughter thinks it is a submarine! Good luck!

  14. Aren’t you just amazed at how many of us love you so much that we keep spinning those wheels trying to figure out what a child that has NONE of our DNA is saying???

    I had to check back today to see if there had been any headway.

    I have about a million photos of my first sqatting in pictures. No, she didn’t need to use the restroom. She just squatted from the ages of 16 months to 2 years EVERY time I pulled out the camera. One day it dawned on me. . .I ALSO squatted every time I pulled out the camera to photograph her SO I COULD GET ON HER LEVEL. . .she just thought that’s what ya do when it’s picture takin’ time. . .

  15. Oh Antique Mommy you are hilarious! Or at least your take on your life! I so want to go to Tuna to see the Chicken Wipes and take a ride on a Peemo Boat-well I am not sure about that last part-yet. I am sure it will be priceless. If only there was CSI- Child Speak Investigations!

  16. Hmmm… I’d go with Nemo personally, since that’s what my kids usually mean! Take him to the store and let him show you in the toy aisle… or ask him if it’s on a show he’s watched, and which one, maybe that will help clear it up. Good luck šŸ™‚

  17. How funny that you mention the chicken wipes story again. My husband loved that story, and two nights ago we took the kids driving around to look at Christmas lights. He would point out the window and say, “Look! Chicken wipes!”

  18. I asked my boys and they tried, but no answers yet. Go to and type boat into the search field, then ask Sean if he sees it there.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  19. susan took my idea – except she’s smarter because i was gonna tell you to take him to TRU and show him the boats to see what he’s talking about. GL, and be sure to let us know just what peemo boat really is.

  20. I’ll be mulling that one over all day long. I have no idea what it is he wants. But I’ll bet the answer will be so obvious that you’ll laugh. Love, love, love the “chicken wipes” story. When my oldest was 15 months old she keep saying “city lights” in re all the decorations. Finally we got it. She was saying “See the lights.” She is all grown up now with a little girl of her own, but we still enjoy the “city lights” every year at Christmas.

  21. How about the Fisher-Price The Backyardigans Splash Time gift set? It has Pablo and a pirate boat. It can be found at

  22. I once used my super-mommy sleuthing skills to decipher “fynut fifi” as… “Elephant Movie” (Dumbo!) But without the pressure from an agitated toddler, I just don’t think I can come through on this one… I vote for the remote boat. Good luck.

  23. This is too funny.

    My three year old is delayed with his speech, and I just spent about a week decoding “shah-shah-shee” which is brodeeze for Christmas Tree.

    That being said, I’m just not smart enough to figure out Peemo Boat. Good luck
    with that, and Merry Shah-shah.

  24. This is too funny.

    My three year old is delayed with his speech, and I just spent about a week decoding “shah-shah-shee” which is brodeeze for Christmas Tree.

    That being said, I’m just not smart enough to figure out Peemo Boat. Good luck
    with that, and Merry Shah-shah.

  25. I really honestly think it is the Playmobil Pirate boat.

    I just saw a commercial for it right now..and I could see how playmobil could be peemo.

    Anyway, that’s my guess.

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