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The Kiss

Nothing will cure what ails you faster than an unsolicited kiss from a 3-year-old.

Earlier in the week as I was standing at the kitchen sink, Sean comes in to the kitchen and yanks on my shirt. “Mommy, I want to kiss you,” he says looking up at me.

“Terrific!” I say, drying my hands on a dish towel. Having played several lightening rounds of “Who’s The Boss” earlier in the day, I am delighted to be the object of his affection, yet suspicious. I bend over, close my eyes and brace myself. I am expecting one of those big sloppy snotty kisses where he uses my face for a Kleenex. Instead, he takes my face in his hands and as gentle as a butterfly, he kisses the tip of my nose.

“There!” he announces, “Howdya’ like that?”

I open my eyes. We are still nose to nose. “I liked it very much!” I say.

And then he plants two more on my nose.

“Here’s two more for later in case you need them.”

I use the dish towel in my hands to mop up my heart off the floor.

32 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. OMG thats so sweet. it made me cry iv seen my son only a few times and he does that and it breaks my heart but thats so sweet ur very lucky

  2. So sweet…..Miller washes our face in his kisses…and you know what…I never wipe them day he wont want to kiss me.

  3. I love popping in over at this blog to remind myself how adorable and innocent kids are when they’re little. Your posts always bring back the sweetest memories of my own kids way back when. I’d like to thank you for that.

  4. So sweet…..Miller washes our face in his kisses…and you know what…I never wipe them day he wont want to kiss me.

  5. I am sitting in a hotel room missing my girl and then I read this post and want to cry at the sweetness. It’s like every now and then it’s their way of telling us they’re sorry for all the “rounds of Who’s the Boss”.

  6. Sigh. I miss having a Sean in my life. I still get hugs and kisses, but not like that. I get a peck on the cheek and a “Love you Mom!” as they run out the door. Treasure those nose kisses.

  7. aw, i love it! we all need to gobble up this affection while they’re still giving it freely! mothing like a little smoochy and a hug to “make it all better” after a rough day!

  8. I swear I love that child —-sight unseen! You might not get nose kisses later on, but my boy has been sneaking over to my blog and sticking in an occasional comment under the name “Your only boy”. He is forty-seven and I consider these short little comments the equivalent of a nose kiss. Once you are a mother — the love never quits, but in this — you are spectacularly

  9. The best part…I think boys keep their sweetness. I have found 7 year old boys to be precious and now my fourth grade boys are mushes when it comes to their moms and grandmoms.

  10. OH MY GOSH! those little boys sure know how to grab our hearts don’t they?
    There’s something about that mother/son bond that is unlike anything else!

  11. Too Cool! My four year old has a “Hug and kiss and nosy kiss” ritual (rubbing noses – Eskimo kisses). Whenever it starts to get old, I just remind myself that in about then years, she won’t want to even acknowledge I’m her mother. I pray every day that my kids and I will be as close when they are teenagers as we are now.
    SWEET STORY! I love it.

  12. These are the moments that make all the “Who’s the Boss?” moments seem like incidental. What a wonderful treasure you have in that sweet, sweet boy.

  13. If you think it was sweet now, wait until he’s 17 and does something sweet like that. Esp. after he has gone through a period when he hasn’t seemed too sweet on you at all. It will tear your heart out. You think you cannot love them more when they are little, but you can; you can.

  14. How sweet! My son has just started “puckering up” for his kisses. It is so cute I just want to grab and hug him every time. He has also started “kissing” all of his Little People. He picks them up one at a time and kisses them each carefully. Man, I love it when they discover affection and empathy!

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