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The Party Circuit Ain’t What It Used To Be

This morning I had to get up and put on real clothes. Nothing good can come of that.

Today was Sean’s class Christmas musical recital. Recital might be an overuse of that word. I think they actually called it share time. And by share time, they meant that kids not named Sean would be singing and doing cute little hand gestures so their parents could snap adorable pictures. However, kids named Sean would just sit there sulking with their hands in their pockets staring a hole in the floor wishing they were anywhere else. That’s what share time meant. You should know this if you have a kid named Sean because it’s not in any of the papers they send home in the fall.

At any rate, since I would be mixing and mingling with other adults, I figured I needed to put on going-out-in-public clothes. As it turned out mixing and mingling is also an overstatement. I just sat next to some of the other parents. I didn’t actually mingle. Okay, I just sat next to one of the other parents and that probably doesn’t qualify as a full-out mingle because she later moved to another seat.

At any rate.

As I was looking through my closet this morning for appropriate mixing and mingling Christmas music recital clothes I discovered I had nothing. Not one thing. There was one blouse in the closet with the tags still on it that I purchased recently from my sister-in-law’s boutique that I was saving for some special holiday event, some cocktail party, some festivity that required something sparkly and new. But verily I say to thee, it is nigh mid-December and the odds are slim that I’ll be putting on sexy sling back heels and something sparkly and drinking cocktails and regaling party goers with my many fascinating adventures in blogging. So. I figured I would just go ahead and wear it.

And so I did. I cut the tags off the most expensive blouse in my closet and wore it to a non-mixing, non-mingling, non-cocktail drinking, non-Recital at 9:30 in the morning.

Good. Night. It is a sad state of being when the highlight of your holiday social season is at 9:30 in the morning. And you are wearing your best blouse. And drinks aren’t even being served.

25 thoughts on “The Party Circuit Ain’t What It Used To Be

  1. I think it speaks very highly of you that you actually have going out in clothes. That’s the level of fashion that I aspire to. As of today, I have no going out in clothes. Sadly. If I put on something that sort of matches, has no visible stains or holes, my kids get very excited and ask where we are going.

    So, good for you! I’m hoping that Santa brings me some going out in clothes. And then I will just need somewhere to wear them!

  2. There have been occasions where my pj’s made the cut for “going out” clothes. But not to school. Pitty, they are so cute and I do love me some pajamas!

  3. That reminds me – I need to buy a fanastic outfit to go and sit in an uncomfortable folding chair at my kids’ Christmas pageant. Be there or/and be square.

  4. At least the people you dressed up for were alive. We just drove over 1200 miles home from Florida to take my klutzy husband to the pain doctor and I had to find something in the closet that was suitable for the doctor’s office after a lunchtime funeral for my son-in-law’s father. The newest things I had were a pair of black pinstripe pants (or paints, as Sean would say) and a black Jones of New York jacket with button boots. Problem? The matching blouse was still in Florida, so any white shell available would do, because the guest of honor didn’t care anyway.

  5. I’m impressed … and I wasn’t even there. If it were me, I’d be wearing the Wal-Mart Athletic Wear … because since I’d be on Kid #3 going to the preschool Christmas Program (if that’s what you want to call 18 3 year old’s staring into space, while they periodically wave their arms in the air, as 2 teachers sing for their parents), I have realized I don’t care much for the parents that my children go to school with, as I always get dirty looks no matter what I am wearing, so why dress for them. Besides, I’d much rather save my “formal wear” for the Mother’s Day Program in May … heads up … you may want to start preparing for THAT! 🙂

  6. That is hilarious. I don’t have a child named Sean, but I do have one named Cameron..and I’m wondering if maybe they went to the same school of learing how to stare holes in the floor? Maybe they should start serving drinks at these types of things. It might just help out with the “mingling”.

  7. What no red juice to spill all over said party attire =) I have to laugh, I use to be a pre-school teacher and we had recitals. There was always one who wanted to be anywhere..ANYWHERE…but there. Poor Sean, just not the “singing in front of everyone in God’s earth kind of guy”. Ahh who can blame him =)

    But hey you got to wear your outfit =) I bet you looked smashing. And girl hold your head up high, and wear that badge with honor.

  8. At my current size, I am boycotting clothes-shopping. I would rather wear a sack than waste money on clothes until I look more like myself. The result is that I consider myself dressed up if my clothes have no visible stains. Matching is optional.

  9. OH YES! My children’s program was last night. It was HUGE…So I kind of blended in with my jeans, fleece and Nikes. However…my kids? Their definition of “Please wear something nice” left much to be desired.
    I totally hear you! Been there…and have watched some of my friend’s kids be “non-participatory” (is that a word?)
    After four, I’m just happy they don’t pick their nose on stage. 😀

  10. Welcome to parenthood…didnt you read the fine print…No Mingling from here on out…at least until he is 18…..and your life becomes..well….a little more open.

  11. It always seems that when you have your camara ready, are sitting in the prime seat to get a decent shot, THEY DON’T PERFORM!! Lately with me, my child is the one that doesn’t have a “part”. They just stand with a group and sing while others get to come up front and “show their stuff”. It gets old watching everyone else’s kids “shine” all the time. Let’s share the fun people!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)) Ha.

  12. Just wait until he gets older and you start going to the parties at school. All the little room moms are dressed to the NINES for the class parties. You’ll fit right in. The difference is that YOU realize how ridiculous it is. They don’t.

  13. Diminutive One has never, ever participated in any class presentation, pageant, theatrical production, recitation or formal reading until last year during the 2nd grade Thanksgiving presentation. Year after year I sat while adorable kids said adorable things and sang adorable songs and made adorable hand motions and mine glowered. I got used to it.

    I have lots of suitable clothes…too bad they don’t fit. Sigh.

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