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Tackiest Ornament Ever

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Nothing quite expresses the reason for the season better than a bloated drunken toad in a champagne glass wearing a Santa hat. Except maybe the glitter covered pickle. It was a toss up. Yours for $5.99 at Target.

26 thoughts on “Tackiest Ornament Ever

  1. Yes, the pickle is a traditional German ornament – of course, I can’t remember what it’s supposed to mean.

    But what I do want to know is: did you actually purchase that frog so you could show it to all of us?

  2. I did not know that about the pickle. Those wacky Germans.

    Good heavens no I did not purchase that frog. I took a picture of “him” in Target while I chatted up a very nice electric cart lady who agree that he was indeed tacky. Bless his heart, the frog, I mean. It must have been quite a night of revelry as all of his arms and legs were broken off. (Or “broke off” as some around here say.)

  3. Too late Maggie! I already attributed it to the Germans! I am of German lineage and we are the kind of people who would put condiments on a tree, so it makes sense to me!

  4. That frog looks like he could use a bloody mary to help him recover.

    And yes, the pickle is a German tradition that involves hiding the pickle. I won’t embarrass myself by telling you my husband’s remarks regarding hiding the pickle.

  5. LOL Big Mama. It’s true. You hide the pickle and whoever finds it gets a prize. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we? Maybe if the frog finds the pickle he’ll get his arms back.

    That’s too funny, AM.

  6. Okay, I admit. I’m Italian, yet I have the glittered pickle hidden in my tree. No prize to anyone who finds it. I don’t even announce that it should be found. I just thought that it was so hysterically funny 5 years ago when I first saw it, that I had to buy it…and of course, hide it. Tradition, you know.

    As for the Loaded Toad…how come the Tar-jhays in NY don’t carry those?? After all, we are the Martini-drinking toad capital of the world.

  7. Ah that is funny and
    hide the pickle you say that’s just wierd although I vagly remember the glittery pickle hanging from my aunt’s tree when I was growing up

  8. you hide that pickle in the tree for luck, it a german thing. i have one, but mine is not all glittery. as for that poor toad, god bless him, he’s the lonely, armless froggy nobody wants. he’ll be singing the blues before long!

  9. Hilarious! I totally agree with the narrow Walmart Christmas aisles. What is up with that? However, I am more interested to know if you ever figured out what a peemo boat was?

  10. Every year, Mom tucks the pickle away on a hidden branch of the tree (there, managed to phrase it without saying “Mom hides the pickle!”) and whoever finds the pickle first gets a special wrapped gift that is waiting under the tree for the finder of the pickle. My various nieces LOOOOVE looking for the pickle. (No touching of the tree allowed!)

  11. That frog ornament is hilarious! ALMOST funny enough to buy it just to show others. ALMOST. Gotta wonder who thought of that idea, and who bought the rest of them?

  12. I really wish we had a Target here, because that thing would *so* win me the tackiest ornament contest we’re having at our work Christmas party tomorrow night!

  13. Does anybody know where to find this ornament???? My husband bought it for me last year for our annual Christmas ornament exchange and it broke:( I am looking to replace it.


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