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The Lint Brush – Fun and Functional!

I, along with every mom in the county, went to Toys R Us today to do some Christmas shopping. I feel safe in assuming that I was probably the only one there looking for a Peemo boat.

I looked at every toy in the 10,000 square foot store until my eyes glazed over. After an exhaustive on-line search and a complete shake down of Geoffrey Giraffe, I have decided that there is no such thing as a Peemo boat. I have decided that Sean is yanking my chain in a big way and that probably after I put him to bed at night he chuckles to himself, “Peemo boat! Hoo boy! I’ve really got her going!”

So after giving up all hope of finding a Peemo boat, I began looking around for something else that he might like. I don’t really know why I’m saying “might like”. As if there is something he wouldn’t like. He’s at that age where he is thrilled if I let him play with the lint brush. Maybe I’ll get him a lint brush.

I wandered around the store for an hour considering and then dismissing various boy toys. Finally, I realized that after three years of mothering, my criteria for toy-selection had changed. The first few years all toys had to be educational, age appropriate and safety approved. This year’s criteria is based on how many parts does it have, how much space will it occupy in my den and how much noise does it make.

Which makes a lint brush the perfect gift for a 3-year-old.

20 thoughts on “The Lint Brush – Fun and Functional!

  1. I completely agree on the toy-selection criteria. It no longer matters how much the kid will enjoy the toy, but what does matter is how much work is required of me to operate it, clean it, or assume control of it when a fight ensues. A lint brush sounds like a great idea.

    And I think he wants a remote. Not a remote boat, but just a remote. Does he ever get to play with one?

  2. Do you think it could be a Rescue Hero Boat? another blogging friend posted her children’s Santa letters and this popped out at me. I don’t have boys but maybe this is what Sean is asking for?

  3. Add in there “How long will it keep him entertained?” and you will have officially have graduated with a masters degree in Mommy 101. Masters because you have mastered the art of finding time to yourself.

    I love the lint brush idea. It’s almost as good as your Scotch tape brilliancy…

  4. JUST THIS AFTERNOON, Bub was playing very happily with a lint brush. (Including, at one point, a little game of “I spy something that is red.” Which turned out to be the lint brush.)

  5. In fact, you could make a whole gift box for him filled with things that Mommy uses around that house, but he can have his very own. A lint brush, scotch tape, masking tape, a feather duster, a remote control is a great idea, a toy cell phone or something similar, etc. etc. etc. What other items always intrigue those little guys? I can’t think of anymore right now.

  6. I was just wondering about the peemo boat! I was even going to email you to ask about it.

    When PPO was 3, we spent a buttload on Christmas. It was his last Christmas as an only child and we were feeling a little guilty about disrupting his comfortable life.

    In his stocking was a plastic hammer. He was instantly enamored of it. He could not be persuaded to open any other gifts.

    I’m sure Sean will LOVE his lint brush.

  7. Not only is the lint brush small, quiet and few in parts – it has utility as well! My sister bought her 15 month old a Dustbuster – he loves to vacuum.

  8. I totally agree with you on the toy selection criteria. I do want the baby to have educational toys, but my daughter is 5 and I want to avoid all things smaller than my fist with more than 5 parts/pieces! I was really hoping that the peemo boat was actually something we could have all gone ‘Oh, I should have known that, duh!’

  9. What shows does he watch? Pay attention to them and ask him if the Peemo Boat is on it or on a commercial during the show… cant hurt to ask.

  10. I have the very same criteria for toys for my kids. I also believe the lint brush could make a phenomenal gift for Sean after reading your post about the constant wiping and picking-up you all do. Another great gift idea might be his very own baby or antibacterial wipes so he can wipe up “Doot”. :o)

  11. Mark my (very negative, cynical words) — you will discover what a Peemo boat is on December 27th. And you will smack your forehead and feel guilty for, at least, the next 7 Christmases. And Sean will say, “A WHAT??? I never asked for a Peemo boat!!” Ask me how I know these things!

    I think you and Kristin both have hit on a toy marketing idea. Make a lint roller in the shape of some other plastic cr*p they sell these days — a steamroller, or large, cylindrical alien destroyer. I’m thinkin’ it’s Christmas 2007’s “Tickle Me Elmo!” It’s sticky AND violent!! What could be better!

  12. add a calculator to jana’s gift box and it will perfect!! i still laugh when i remember a friends three year old at mass one saturday night holding a calculator like a remote control, pointed at father ray, trying his best to turn him off.

  13. My mother-in-law gave my son a huge bag full of tape for his birthday – masking tape, scotch tape, electrical tape – as well as markers, crayons and a few pads of paper. It was his favorite present EVER, and boy, everything was well-taped at our house for a while.

  14. I am laughing so hard at Beck’s comment because when I was a kid, my dad’s cousin did the same thing for my sisters and I. We were a little older – about 6, 5, and 3 – but we really got a kick out of it. When we were about 9, 8, and 6 we got another cool gift from her: $5 in pennies. I still think that little bag of pennies was one of my favorites. Ever.

    Anyway, you and every mom and every non-mom like me were at Toys R Us that day. I was looking for Lincoln Logs. I didn’t realize how much those things have changed over the years – now they have more plastic pieces than logs! So maybe I’ll get the kids in the family lint brushes this year too. That sounds much more reasonable =)

  15. Ooooh – lint brush – good idea! I found your blog from Rocks in my Dryer…. I’ve enjoyed reading through some of your latest posts. I have twin 11 month old boys and if they opened a big box of drawer handles, remote controls, whisks, and a dishwasher for Christmas, they’d be in heaven!


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