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An Old Friend

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This is my old friend, Sitting Santa $1.39. I bought him the first year I moved to Texas when I was 21-years-old.

I was poorer than a church mouse in those days, yet I was out coveting shopping on my lunch hour. When you’re 21, nothing has to make much sense and that’s the beauty of being 21. Anyway, I spotted him in a Tuesday Morning and I was enchanted. The box in which he came, which I carefully return him to at the end of every season, has a sticker on it that reads Sitting Santa $1.39, so that’s what I’ve always called him.

The day I bought Sitting Santa $1.39, I think I had maybe $1.55 in my purse, so I skipped lunch and bought him instead. Like Antique Daddy, I knew the second I laid eyes on him that I had to have him and that he was mine, mine, mine and that we would be together always!

Every season, I look forward to unpacking him and fluffing out his poinsettias and placing him in the holiday seat of honor, the kitchen window. Unpacking him is like running into an old friend and then realizing how much you’ve missed them. Seems kind of silly that a cheap little piece of ceramic from China could mean so much, could do so much, but it does.

The past 25 Christmas seasons here in Texas have sometimes been joyous and filled with life and plenty. Other seasons have been sad and lonely and slim. Some years there have been big sparkly heavily-laden department store trees and other years little Charlie Brown trees and a few years no tree at all. But Sitting Santa $1.39 has been the constant in all the craziness that has been my life as a Texan. Sitting Santa $1.39 has helped to make the past 25 Christmas seasons a bit more bright.

That’s what old friends do.

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  1. Christmas is so full of memories and traditions. Think of the stability that little dollar-plus Santa thing has given. For us, it is the needlepoint stockings I made. As much as we’ve moved, the little stable things mean a whole lot. Each season of decorating brings back so many memories.

    One of my favorite Santas???? The Texas Santa ornament that was a gift from my friends who knew how much I loved Texas, the place my two men were born and raised (husband and daddy).

  2. This is why I love decorating day at our house…we are far, far from our US home but each ornament, knick knack and wall hanging has a memory attached which brightens our Africa home and my heart!

  3. Aw.
    The first ornaments that we bought when we were married are so special, above and beyond what they actually are. Everything associated with Christmas is so super-charged with emotion…

  4. This post is so sweet. I, too, have a very special, um, “thing” (for lack of a better word) that brings back wonderful memories for me every year. My “thing” is probably an antique…I have a picture of my brother holding me when I was one, and this “thing” is in the background next to our aluminum Christmas tree (yikes). I inherited it after my mom died almost 22 years ago. It’s a large brandy glass decorated like a Santa/snowman with a syrofoam head…you fill the glass with candy, such as Christmas Hershey kisses, and you lift the head of the Santa/snowman to get them. It is very weird looking, and I’ve never seen another one like it. But as you said, it is like an old, cherished friend come to visit every Christmas, bringing back wonderful memories and comforting feelings every time I pull it out of it’s original box (with my mom’s writing on it).

    Your Sitting Santa is adorable! May you have many more years with him.

    Take good care,

  5. Absolutely. It is wonderful the way something with such special memories attached becomes a part of our lives. I think that’s why I’m having trouble tossing out some of the things I promised myself I wouldn’t move with us this time. How can you throw those things away? So…I have a bazillion boxes.

  6. Sitting Santa $1.39 is quite charming. I have some friends like that too. It’s an excellent reminder that great expense is not necessary for a great time, a great memory, and great friends.

  7. My favorite part of this post? “Like Antique Daddy, I knew the second I laid eyes on him that I had to have him and that he was mine, mine, mine and that we would be together always!”

    Those are some sweet words, AM.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that story. I think that it is SO important to remember where we came from and this Santa takes you back to that place. I think that is awesome. So many people throw out things they bought once they have money to buy better things. I love your Sitting Santa!!!

  9. What a wonderful Christmas post!

    My most special Chrismtas ‘thing’ is now my daughters – it’s a ‘Christmas Stocking’ (a Santa and his Reindeer pillowcase) that my Mum and Dad bought for me when I was about 8, and it has sat under the tree every year since then.

    When Holly was born, it became her Christmas Stocking, and now she puts it out for Santa every year.

    I absolutely love that pillowcase. Everytime I unpack it, all my childhood Christmas’ come rushing back! It’s a magical Christmas Stocking, that’s why!! šŸ™‚

  10. I have a little Santa with his sleigh and reindeer that works on a criss-cross base, so it stretches out from closed to perhaps 6 inches long. I bought it my second married Christmas for 99 cents when I worked in a department store. That makes it 51 years old and my middle aged kids all love it. They played with it as children and they are going to share it after I die, by using it one year and then passing it to the next family for the next year. Who knew? Little things mean a lot!

  11. I love Sitting Santa $1.39! I can see why you and he are such good friends.

    I have some special Christmas things like him, too…I bring them out, and it’s “Oh, there you are! What did I do without you the other 11 months of the year? ” and with them bring feelings of maybe a simpler, innocent time.

    Sweet post.

  12. He is so very cute – and he looks rather sloshed – I mean – satisfied!
    Holding up with a poinsettia with your back can get tiring – have you offered him a foot rub?

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