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Antique Mommy’s Mid-Term Report Card

Plays well with others: AM plays well with her imaginary friends who live in her computer. With real people? Not so much.

Uses time well: Yes, if by using time well, you mean goofs off as much as possible.

Stays on task: If goofing off is a task, then yes, AM stays on task.

Effort: AM is able to goof off effortlessly.

Attitude: Yes, AM definitely has an attitude.

Follows directions: Let’s just call her a free spirit and leave it at that.

Is able to work through problems: See Christmas lights and gutter cover remains in garage.

Uses words to resolve conflict: Yes, and ironically they are all 4-letter words — stop! don’t! quit! wait! help! among others….

Career Options: Blogger

12 thoughts on “Antique Mommy’s Mid-Term Report Card

  1. I’ll give you straight “A’s”. I – for one – would be very sad if you got too busy with other “stuff” to blog.
    Have a blessed weekend!!

  2. Under “Uses words to resolve conflict,” you should have linked to the ‘well placed curse word’ post. LOL! You could make a meme out of this!

  3. just remember, there are those out there who can not play well with their imaginary friends in the computer. these are the people our mothers used to get together and whisper about so we couldn’t hear.

  4. Girl I would love to get inside your brain and find out where you get this totally awesome, totally funny ideas. You rock, and I think you make an excellent “stay at home blogger” =))

  5. You also play very well with others if they are other bloggers and there are margaritas involved. I can’t comment on how well you play with real people since I’m one of the imaginary ones. (Hoping to use my powers for good. Or at the very least freak out my mother-in-law.)

  6. You’re HIRED!

    And I think you played just fine with others last October. Of course wine was involved and that may have had an effect on the entire situation…

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